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1st To Die

Forensic Book Project

Jessica B

on 10 March 2010

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Transcript of 1st To Die

San Francisco, California Napa Valley, California Cleveland, Ohio Names: Kathy and James Voskuhl

Nature of the Crime: Bride and Groom both shot

Crime Scene: bathroom stall of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum

Evidence: Bride and Groom's blood, a smoked-down joint, and
security camera footage

* Rings Stolen
1st To Die
By : James Patterson Names: David and Melanie Brandt

Nature of the Crime: Bride and Groom stabbed, Bride defiled after death

Crime Scene: Grand Hyatt Hotel - Mandarin Suite

Evidence Found: bloody tuxedo jacket, champagne bottle, urine, and blood

* Rings Stolen Names: Becky and Michael DeGeorge

Nature of the Crime: Bride and Groom both shot, Bride defiled after death

Crime Scene: Winery trail

Evidence Found: Red facial hair inside of Bride and urine

* Rings Stolen Name: Joanna Wade (Nick's Ex-Wife)

Nature of the Crime: Joanna stabbed to death

Crime Scene: Joanna's bathroom

San Francisco, California
Joanna Wade's Apartment San Francisco, California
Nick Jenks House Evidence: champagne bottles, tuxedo bottoms, red beard hair, and guns San Francisco, California
Palace of Fine Arts Evidence: Stolen wedding rings

Chessy Jenks (Nick's current wife) attempted to murder him but was shot by Detective Boxer; Chessy admitted to the murders San Francisco, California
Detective Boxer's Apartment Name: Nick Jenks

Nature of Crime: Jenks shot and killed

Crime Scene: Boxer's bedroom

Nick admits that him and Chessy set up the whole chain of murders and were acting out the plot of one of his novels Nick and Chessy Jenks acted out the plot of Nick's first novel - both killed by Detective Boxer
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