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James Monroe Prezi

No description

Paula Torbay

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of James Monroe Prezi

Few men equal James Monroe in his fortitude and reverence to the prosperity of the United States, and Monroe’s most valuable attribution to the progression of the American nation is his message known as the Monroe Doctrine, which made a huge impact on the course of history. James Monroe’s presidency took place during the “era of good feelings”. He was elected in 1816. Thesis: Foreign Affairs Adams-Onís treaty, in which
Florida was bought Russo-American treaty in 1824
limiting Russian expansion
down the Pacific coast Treaties Monroe was very successful in handling foreign affairs thanks to himself and to his great secretary of state, John Quincy Adams.

He expanded the U.S. Territories and extended the reaches of American foreign relations. The Monroe Doctrine James Monroe His greatest achievement related to foreign affairs.
It was Monroe’s annual message to the Unites States, delivered December 2, 1823.
Meant to stop colonization in America.
The Doctrine had 3 specific points:
1) Europe could no longer colonize the American continent.
2) Any attempt of colonization in America by any europen powers would be considered dangerous to the American nation's peace.
3) The United States would remain completely neutral regarding Eropean affairs and wars. Monroe's Legacy The Monroe Doctrine became a a cardinal doctrine of U.S. foreign policy.
Monroe is known as a great leader of America's relationships and rules regarding foreign powers. Background Information Born: April 28, 1758, in Westmoreland County, Virginia.
Party: Democratic-Republican.
5th president of the United States.
Attended the College of William and Mary.
Elected president in 1816.
Died: July 4th, 1831.
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