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Dante's Inferno

Jevon Muldrow

on 15 February 2011

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Transcript of CANTO 3

CANTO 3 By jevon fez muldrow and philip traN follow me on twitter @FezTheJock sins allusions virtures lessons to
humanity 1. Anger - "... In pain and anger " (24)
2. Envy - "... they must envy every other fate" (45)
3. Envy - "... hateful to most and to his enemies" (60)
4. Anger - "... rage that shook his woolly jowls" (96)
illustrations 1...corps of angles who are neither for God nor Satan..(35) 3...faithful crew hateful to God and to Him enemies.(59) 4...they blasphemed God, there parents, their time on earth, the race of Adam...(100) 2..“..The High Creator scourged them from Heaven for its perfect beauty, and hell will not receive them since the wicked might feel some glory over them.”(38) “…No word of them survives their living season. Mercy and Justice deny them even a name. Let us not speak of them: look, and pass on.”(46) And all pass over eagerly, for here; Divine Justice transforms and spurs them so their dread turns wish: they yearn for what they fear, therefore Charon rages your presence…. (121) Main Lesson is to respect God, your parents, your time on earth, the race of Adam, and the day and the hour and the place and the seed and the womb that gave them birth.(99) That is the main lesson because it is shown all throughout the Canto and it’s also a very important aspect of life. Your time on earth is your time to “impress” God because he wants to see if you are worthy of being in Heaven. Disrespect towards your parents is just a very bad way of telling God that your just going to be disrespectful to anything and anyone. Being disrespectful to the race of Adam is being disrespectful to other human beings, and that’s very much like bullying. Being blasphemed to the day and the hour and the place simply means being negative every second of your time on earth meaning you are just disgusted with Gods creation. Finally, being blasphemed to the seed and the womb that gave you birth, meaning you have this hate for yourself. Doesn’t matter how you look or see yourself as, because God is focusing on your actions.
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