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Traditional Chinese Wedding

No description

aileen poon

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Traditional Chinese Wedding

Red envelope to bride's parents

Pre-arrange Marriage

Matching birthday & pick a auspicious date

Hire a matchmaker
Birthday matching for bride and groom
Choose the auspicious wedding date from lunar calendar for wedding day
Hair Ceremonies
Lunar Calender
The night before wedding, both bride and groom will perform comb hair ceremonies at their own home.
Usually perform by their grandmother or elderly women who are still married.

by Quinn & Aileen
Do you know how a traditional Chinese wedding look like?
Arranged by parents, elders.
No freedom of choosing your own marriage
Monogamy was the norm for most ordinary citizen
New couple and parents strictly follow each and every ceremonial steps of Chines culture in terms of tradition, attire, and venue.

"Guo da Li"
- Betrothal Ceremony
The gifts a groom brings to bride's home?
Bride's dress
- QiPao

red color , long, form, fit
one piece
embroidered with golden thread of phoenix or both dragon & phoenix.

In Southern China, the wedding dress (hung kwa) is often two pieces.
Sleeves are above wrist to show off jewelries.
Grooms will give a red envelope which is amount of money as a gift to the bride’s parents for thank them take care of the bride for so many years.
This is not selling or buying the bride.
It's a gift.
- Betrothal Ceremony
Lunar Calendar
Restaurant, banquet food
Tea ceremony
Home decoration
Mostly symbolize:

Tea ceremonies
The bride & groom kneels down 3 times:
heaven, earth

each other

Room Decoration
mount double happiness
Hang Auspicious, red flower around the bed
in the room on the walls, closets...
Dragon & Phoenix bedding set...
Piggyback to room
Congratulation !
Wedding tradition:
The prearrange marriage
Auspicious wedding date, the lunar calendar
Betrothal ceremonies, “Go Da Li” cakes…
Hair ceremonies
QiPao, gold jewelries
Restaurant, the banquet food
Tea ceremony
Home decoration
Q & A?
Thank you!
Bride: gold jewelry gifts like dragon and phoenix bracelets, necklaces, golden rings, jades or perals .
Grooms: gold necklace or golden ring.

Banquet food
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