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01.03 Concept Synthesis Exploring the Hero

No description

Dinorah Naveiras

on 30 July 2016

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Transcript of 01.03 Concept Synthesis Exploring the Hero

Does Beowulf exhibit this quality?
Emerson’s Qualities of Heroism
Beowulf showed us many characteristics which I think Emerson would definitely agree too that shows us the type of person he really was. Beowulf was a
man, he risked his life not only for his family but those around him as well. He was not only that, but a
man as well as

01.03 Concept Synthesis Exploring the Hero
Dr. Pike
By: Dinorah Naveiras
Provide supporting evidence
from the poem that supports your reasoning
Beowulf stood up for his people and risked his own life to defeat the dragon. Even if it meant dying, he would've done it for his people and for their peace.

He defeated Grendel and his mother by himself.

Beowulf is full of fear, yet he manages to pass by with courage and is even able to control it.

When defeating the dragon, he thought about the others and the amount of treasures they will receive as a win for his people.
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