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Kiltr Graded Unit Prezi

No description

Diarmid Mackinnon

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Kiltr Graded Unit Prezi

Marketing Research Strategy
Radio 1's Big Weekend Photoboard
PR Creatives
Kiltr Proposal
Mercury Scotland
Mercury Scotland
Advertising Media Schedule
Advertising Objectives
1. To create an effective integrated campaign strategy by April 2014.
2. Increase awareness of Kiltr by 80% within the target age range of 18 - 25 year olds by May 2015.
3. To build a strong brand identity that can be recognised throughout Scotland within the target age range of 18 - 25 year olds during the advertising campaign.
4. To comply with ASA CAP codes of conduct and cause no reason for complaint throughout the campaign.
5. To prompt a response on all advertising through the use of call to actions throughout the campaign.

Rebecca McMahon
Marketing Manager
Roslyn Smith
Creative Director/
Digital Marketing Manager
Diarmid Mackinnon
PR Officer
Naomi Kane
Advertising Executive
Advertising Creatives
The Nessie Card
Kiltr Spacehopper
PR Objectives
1. To build product awareness by generating awareness through media placements and events throughout the campaign.
2. To create a relationship between Kiltr and its users which will encourage them to stay loyal to the site by May 2015
3. To create a PR campaign that will engage with Kiltr users and encourage them to sign up to the site by May 2014.
4. To encourage trial and usage of the Kiltr website at every event in order to increase sign ups within the target age range by May 2015.
5. To make each event media coverage worthy to help create a positive image and stimulate demand for signups to Kiltr throughout the campaign.

Advertising Creatives
Kiltr T-shirts
Meet Mercury
Sub Club
Vodka Wodka
Fat Sam's
Strathclyde University Union
University of Glasgow Union
Napier University Union
Dundee University Union
Aberdeen University Union
Edinburgh University Union
Street Feastival Poster
Press Release Launch of Nessie Card
Appendix 10.3
Press Releases
Marketing Research Strategy
Press Release 2 Recap of campaign appendix 10.3
Our Creative Idea
We decided to hold 2 focus groups:

- Kiltr Users - Non-Kiltr users
This was to get more varied responses and get an overall idea on how Kiltr can get more sign-ups. Each participant was aged between 18-25 years old.
We have carried out various different methods of quantitative and qualitative research:
Focus Groups
In-depth Interviews
Projective Techniques

Theme: 'Get your Kiltr on!'
Marketing Research Strategy

What made them join?
• Wanted to try something new
• Liked the look of the site – kind of a mix between pinterest and tumblr

When asked to take a look at the website:
• Easy to use
• Good Topics – “Good Stuff” area
• Easy to interact with others and share posts

How can Kiltr get more 18-25 year olds involved?
• Have more events
• Kiltr should not always be as serious and they should take on a more light and fun atmosphere

Marketing Research Strategy
Monday 19th – 30th May 2014:
Promoted Kiltr posts on Facebook - appearance at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Glasgow and something exciting is happening soon (Nessie Card).

Thursday 5th – Monday 30th June 2014:
Promoted Tweets for Nessie Card.
Promoted Facebook Posts for Nessie Card.

Friday 18th – Tuesday 29th July 2014:
Bus Shelter advertisements in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Thursday 24th – Thursday 31st July 2014:
Kiltr Street Destruction in Glasgow Buchanan Street (24-31st)

Monday 11th – Monday 18th August 2014:
Facebook posts to promote the Nessie Card 11-18

Friday 26th – Sunday 28th September 2014:
Kiltr Street Destruction in Edinburgh Princes Street Gardens.

Monday 27th October – Friday 31st October:
Promoted Tweets about Kiltr’s Halloween Night.

Saturday 1st – Wednesday 5th November 2014:
Promoted Facebook posts for the Nessie Card EMA Competition.

Monday 15th December 2014:
Direct Marketing to all Kiltr users.

Monday 19th – Saturday 24th January 2015:
Promoted Facebook posts - the Alternative Burns Night.

Monday 16th – Sunday 22nd February 2015:
Dundee Street Destruction – Overgate shopping centre.

Thursday 26th – Tuesday 31st March 2015:
STV Online Advertisements to advertise the Kiltr April fools event.

Monday 6th – Sunday 12th April 2015:
Aberdeen Street Destruction event at Aberdeen Union Square Shopping Centre.

Friday 15th May 2015:
Direct Marketing to invite people to the Kiltr street party.

Heard of Kiltr?
Most popular answer no

4 of the 5 agreed that Kiltr looked relatively simple to use

Why not Join?
Participants unsure as some didn't have enough encouragement to go on it.


Met with Chloé and Ross from Kiltr on 2 different occasions:

Advertising to be risky and edgy:
Street Destruction
Risky images in the photo board at Radio 1’s big weekend and the bus shelter advertisements.

Not a lot of budget
Creative Scotland

Time Machine:
May 2015 they hoped to have between 120,000 to 150,000 new sign ups.

Saturday 24th – Sunday 25th May 2014:
Kiltr representatives at Radio 1’s Big Weekend

Sunday 8th June 2014:
Launch of Nessie Card at the Mardi Gras Parade in Glasgow’s west end.

July 23rd – 3rd August 2014:
Kiltr Representatives at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow to hand out Kiltr Coasters.
Pure Gym Membership .

Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th August 2014:
Kiltr Feastival at Kelvingrove Park, Glasgow.

Throughout September 2014:
Stalls at fresher’s week - Aberdeen, Glasgow, Dundee and Edinburgh.
Club Nights for Nessie Card Holders.

Friday 31st October 2014:
Alternative Halloween Movie Night at Kiltr HQ.

November 2014:
- Ticket Competition giveaway of 2 tickets.
9th -
EMA Promotion - Kiltr representatives at EMA’s in Glasgow.

Wednesday 31st December 2015:
Alternative Hogmanay Ceilidh at Sloans bar and restaurant in Glasgow City Centre - 120 people.

Sunday 25th January 2015:
Alternative Burns Night SWG3.

Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th February 2015:
Kiltr Feastival at Kelvingrove Park.

Saturday 21st March 2015:
Kiltr Rewards for Business at Thistle Hotel Glasgow.

Wednesday 1st April 2015:
April Fools event on Kiltr website – users post #Kiltrfools

Saturday 30th May 2015:
Kiltr Street Party – Ashton Lane - 300 people will be invited to this event .
Free entry for Nessie card holders,
PR Media Schedule
MAY 2014

JUNE 2014

JULY 2014








MARCH 2015

APRIL 2015

MAY 2015
Marketing Research Strategy

Media Contacts

The List
Hamish Brown - Digital Editor
hamish.brown@list.co.uk +44 (0)131 550 3050

The Evening Times
Russell Leadbetter - Deputy Features Editor
russell.leadbetter@eveningtimes.co.uk +44 (0)141 302 7000

The Herald
Barclay McBain - Deputy Editor
barclay.mcbain@theherald.co.uk +44 (0)141 302 7042
News & Current Affairs (Scotland, National)


Edinburgh Council
Victoria Mills
Parks and Greenspace

Essential Edinburgh
Brian Mcateer
Essential Edinburgh Event Co-ordinator

Space and People

Radio 1 Big Weekend
Total Budget
Advertising Total - £22,231.95

PR Total - £56,341.42

TOTAL SPEND - £78,573.37

BUDGET - £80,000

Contingency - £1,426.63
PR Creatives
Kiltr Coaster
Halloween Movie Night Poster
Alternative Burns Night Poster
Hogmanay Poster
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