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Haile Middle School Engineering

No description

Josh B

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of Haile Middle School Engineering

Machines are activated
by codes and numbers complex
but managable.
How to make a PB&J sandwich
by Josh
Step 1
Get your supplies: jelly, peanut butter,
bread and butter knife.
Step 2
Take a slice of bread.
Take the butter knife.
Open the peanutbutter jar and spread over bread.
Lay peanut butter slice down.
now do step2 on another piece of bread except
use jelly.
Step 3
Now take the two breads and put them together to make this ----->
Step 4
Eat it!
The chassis
Solid Works
Front Axle
Front Wheel
Rear Wheel
Rear wheel w/ groove
Rear Axle
Motor Mount
Haile Engineering
What they look like
Balsa Wood Bridges
The Howe Truss, is the
strongest brigde.
What the strongest
CNC milling is a company that works with machines like these:
Cnc Milling
The CNC milling job is for people with a hischool dipolma and good SAT and ACT scores.
CNC milling is a job
How does CNC Milling work?
Heavy Equipment Operator.
What jobs do you build bridges for?
Just got done with water rocket body.
This is the assembly I have been working on. =)
Solidworks Rocket
This is the finished nose

It looks like a bullet.
Robotics help you understand the tech that around you.
It could be as simple as microwave buttons understanding robotics is think understanding the simplest things.
Technology Today
I know my drawing isn't great =)
It went awesome water everywhere best part is it was made of materia came ils you can find in a every day homes. In second place.
Rocket lauch went.....
This is my favorite because i have a hard time getting up.
Rube Goldberg
This is the truck its pretty cool.
SolidWorks Truck
Demonstrate an understanding of the characteristics and scope of technology
Demonstrate an understanding of the core concepts of technology
Demonstrate an understanding of the relationships among technologies and the

connection between technology and other fields of study.
Demonstrate an understanding of the cultural, social, economic, and political effects of

Demonstrate an understanding of the effects of technology on the environment.
Demonstrate an understanding of the attributes of design.
Demonstrate an understanding of engineering design
Demonstrate an understanding of the role of troubleshooting, research and

development, invention and innovation, and experimentation in problem solving.
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