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Roman Roads VS Modern Roads

No description

Brooke Deker

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Roman Roads VS Modern Roads

Roman Roads
Modern Roads By Brooke & Alex Construction of Roman Roads 1. Finding or creating level terrain

2. Both sides of the road parallel trenches were built

3. A shallow depression in the ground was built and filled with layers of different materials

4. Lastly, soldiers set the top layer of paving stones snugly together so they would not erode

("Roman Roads Contruction") Construction of Modern Roads Who Built the Roads? *Roman roads were built by troops

* The building of the roads was managed by Roman engineers

(Thompson) Who Paid for Roman Roads * The Central Treasury, or the tax payers money, paid for the construction of the roads Extra Information * Over two-thousand years after Roman roads were built some still exist today

("Roman Roads")

*50,000 miles of roads were constructed by the Romans

* The first recorded road began to built in 312 B.C.E.

("Roman Roads System")

* Instead of building new roads, asphalt was paved over ancient Roman roads

("Roman Roads") 1. Engineers plan the road by evaluating the traffic flow, the statistics of previous crashes, and the conditions the road must endure

2. They design the road based on their plan

3. The earthwork has numerous steps
- Contractor makes a depression in the ground
-To level bumps and fill holes the bulldozer screens dirt
- The dirt reaches its maximum density by being sprayed with water
-Drains and sewers are then installed
-A strict inspection is done
-A layer of gravel is then laid
-Paving is done in asphalt.
("Roads") Who Builds Modern Day Roads? * Modern day roads are built by contractors and engineers

("Roads") Who Pays for Modern Day Roads? * Taxpayers pay for construction
of the roads

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