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The Outsiders

No description

Mirian C

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of The Outsiders

Step 1: Ordinary World Ponyboy is a "greaser", whose parents died in a car accident, and is being raised by his two older brothers. Step 4: Mentor Dallas helped Ponyboy and Johnny escape from town. By: Mirian Chavez-Larios Hero's Journey Step 2: Call of Adventure Step 3: Refusal To Call Ponyboy refused to fight, but spits at one of the "socs". After this he did not fight back but was almost drowned. When the "socs" came up to Ponyboy and Johnny while they were at the park, and wanted to fight. Step 5: Crossing the First Threshold Ponyboy and Johnny fleed to the church on top of Windrixville Hill. Step 6: The Special World The special world would have to be the church because it turns Ponyboy, and Johnny into criminals, when they were just defending themselves. It also tests them in how they will be able to survive and not be able to see there friends/family. They are part villians part heroes. Step 7: The Approach To The Inmost Cave When Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dallas decided to help save the kids inside the burning school. They saw the school burning when they were on their way back home. Step 8: Supreme Ordeal When Ponyboy is in the hospital and has to confront his brothers about the whole situation. Also, Ponyboy and Johnny face the chance of having to be put in foster homes. Step 9: Reward Ponyboy, Johnny, and Dallas get their names in the paper, saying that they are heroes. Ponyboy also gained respect form Randy, a "socs". Step 10: The Road Back Ponyboy is having to deal with Johnny being in the hospital and fighting for his name. Step 11: Resurrection The "rumble" Step 12: Return With Elixir Ponyboy returns to his life as a brother to Sodapop and Darrel Curtis. He starting to wirte about his experiences. He also always remembered to "Stay Gold".
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