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No description

Alex Leto

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Redemption

By Redlight King
Alex Leto
"Just like a needle in a haystack"
The artist is comparing a person to a needle, and the haystack represents the rest of the world. The entire metaphor represents how hard it can be trying to find your identity in a crowd.
" 'Cause they'll hook you up, they'll watch you drown"
The artist is comparing a person to a fish, and their obstacles/oppressors as fisherman.
"They've got us picked for a life in the ground"
"They" represent all of the bad people you'll encounter in life, and "a life in the ground" represents how "they" will try to put you down your entire life, or try to drive you to failure, or death.
"They sell us torches and they're the ones who make it dark"
It means that the people that are trying to put you down will try to trick you and make it look like they're the ones trying to help you.
"We might exist with one foot in the grave"
It means that you're living on the edge of failure and death, but you're trying to come back, and start over.
" You don't want to be around in the dog pound, when the chain's not far from breaking, and the hand that feeds is taking"
This means that you don't want to be around the place (dog pound) where the oppressed people are about to revolt (broken chain) against their oppressors (the hand).
"They build the walls that house the sharks"
"They" are the people and obstacles that will give you trouble in your life. The "walls" represent "Their" support of the "sharks" which are the obstacles and negative effects and people that you have to overcome in life.
"When this life tries to break us and beat us down"
This is personification because it's giving the human qualities of being oppressive to life. Life can't literally beat you down... Unless there was a really big kid named Life... That works.
" And the statements got you lying on the pavement"
A statement can't literally knock you to the ground. It means that the reality of your situation can be so overwhelming that you can't process it.
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