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What is lovefre.sh?

A short explanation of our new application.

Matthew Boyle

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of What is lovefre.sh?

Let's talk
about... Hello there! Privacy aware Allows anonymous check-ins Producer toolkit Curation of user content
to create media-rich stories Rebuild local food communities Drive a local
food revolution! Make local food
easy again How does
lovefre.sh work? Anonymous check-ins retain
full functionality Check-ins are focused on the producers and their locations Simple
procedure Users share text,
audio and photos How do
I access
check-ins? Search by type Sort by what's near Sort by what's fresh It will soon feature it's own
like and comment systems twitter and facebook lets users share their food
experiences wherever they go,
on any HTML5 capable device lovefre.sh
is social connects with What is
lovefre.sh? It's a social
food platform It connects producers
with local people It connects you with fresh, local food your local food story It lets you tell Empower food producers
who supply locally Ten-item menu,
updated daily A simple, social
web presence,
created in a few clicks Use Lovefre.sh points to
create your own Loyalty
and Rewards schemes
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