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Map of the Child Welfare System

No description

Boyd Madsen

on 10 November 2016

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Transcript of Map of the Child Welfare System

Map of the Child Welfare System
Intake Receives A Call
Child Abuse/Neglect or Dependency is reported to DCFS.
Intake decides if allegations fit criteria to open a CPS case
Assess for appropriate services.
The Child Returns Home Safely, also called Reunification
CPS Investigation and Assessment
Safety Assessment
Risk Assessment
Protective Factors
Services offered
If the allegations fit policy guidelines, a CPS case is then opened.
Close case
Refer to services
Link to services
If safe, close the case
In-Home Services
Several Types of In-Home Services Exist
Voluntary In-Home Services
Families work voluntarily with DCFS
Children remain in home
Outcomes are better
Court Ordered In-Home Services
DCFS files petition
Judicial review
Extra layer of safety
New risk factors or non-compliance lead to reassessment
CPS Investigation and Assessments
If the home is unsafe, the child may be removed
Out-Of-Home Care
Seek Permanency (lasting relationships)in placements
Some placements may be temporary
Hierarchy of placements should be followed
Child placed with Non-Custodial Parent
Child placed with relatives
Child placed in Foster Care
Family Friend
License required
Team works towards several possible outcomes
Adoption or Guardianship
Independent Living Plan
DCFS Vision Statement
Safe Children, Strengthened Families
DCFS Mission Statement
To keep children safe from abuse and neglect and provide domestic violence services by working with communities and strengthening families.
Home Visits
Safety Planning
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