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No description

Rene Zimmerer

on 30 November 2013

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Transcript of CHAPTER 8


You don't have to be a logodaedalian to enjoy words
Learning to Read Faster...
Can you improve your speed and comprehension when reading?
Finding the main idea
Most paragraphs will have a topic sentence which gives away the main idea,

although not all paragraphs have topic sentences.
If a paragraph does not have a topic sentence it is important to read through the paragraph to find out what the paragraph is about.
SQ3R to the rescue
The most well known way to study a chapter is through the SQ3R method. It was developed in 1941 and has proven to be a successful study strategy for millions of students.
SQ3R stands for: Scan(survey), Question, Read, Recite, and Review.
Developing a Strong Vocabulary
read frequently
check for word meaning/definition
read a variety of material
try to say or use a new word in conversation
keep a list of new words
read difficult material

Do you enjoy, or dislike reading class assignments?

to be an active reader you should approach reading in a new light:

keep an open mind
try to understand what the author is trying to say
look at the big picture
An Active Reader:
logodeadalian-someone who has a vast vocabulary
Rene Zimmerer
Daniel Webne
Carmen Vallecilla
Iga Tkaczyk
Rosie Tejeda
Ali Shami

By simply reading you can increase your vocabulary knowledge. Stop and look up words so you can be sure of what they mean.
Try to be an active reader
Discovering your reading style
Feel the need for speed
Do you know your personal reading rate??
personal reading rate
your personal reading rate is how fast you read

It's Not Over Till Its Over: Read Piece by Piece
Reading piece by piece when the going gets tough on important and difficult material
is a highly effective tool.
After you have read a portion of the material, put a tick mark to end that section.
The next step is too move on and continue reading. When you get to the end of the entire reading go back and paraphrase each tick mark. Re-reading your paraphrased marks helps you to understand the content of the material better.
on pg 184 you can time yourself when reading the article on binge drinking
this is important because it tells you how many words per minute you read, this is called your raw number
raw number= how many words per minute you read
knowing how fast you read is important so you can plan how
long you will need to set aside for reading one chapter
Scan means to pre-read the chapter.
Read the title, the headings,and sub headings. Also take note of vocabulary, graphs, pictures, and timelines. Take note of the chapter objectives. Scan through paragraphs but remeber this does not count for actual reading.
Tips for reading online
Try to minimize distractions and multitasking in order to fully focus on what you need to read
Before you start reading know your objective and why you are reading this
Browse through the website, look at the main headings, click on menus and tabs
Use virtual sticky notes
Use an online highlighter
Take notes
Yes. you can improve both, but if you have too choose between speed and comprehension,

comprehension :
you need to be in a good reading environment:
minimize outside distraction
(talking, cell phones ringing, etc.)
minimize internal distractions
take notes
take short breaks
over 20-30 minutes of reading
overcome fixation:

fixation is when your eyes stop on a single word for each word you read
Nutrition is important to good health
practice seeing two or more words in one fixation
Nutrition is important to good health
Reading online is different from reading the printed text. You will often need to read some materials online in your college courses. In order to be successful in this you will need new set of skills and strategies.
Reading online materials
Who, When, What, Where, and Why; Questions making your studies easier.
While scanning and reading your chapter, think of questions to challenge yourself better, and to make it easier for you to memorize and learn
A useful tool known as Tick Mark Reading.
With information you don't understand or is new to you, you can always put a tick at that spot and get back to it later so you can then paraphrase it to make it easier for you.
Ticks can also be used if you get bored or start to wander off and the information is not getting in your head anymore, putting a tick at a section where you've had enough reading, giving your brain a rest every now and then, you can understand the informtion and learn it in a better way.
Reciting with friends: more like social life, but the subject would be the chapter you studied and completely understood. Talking about points of the chapter and what you understood from it to each other will help you ensure that you've understood it and kept it in your memory bank.
Reciting at home, or with yourself: reciting to yourself will be more helpful by using the Question Tool which is you creating challenge questions and asking them to yourself ensuring that you've understood the chapter
Reviewing everything you did.
Re-read the sentence, paragraph, or even the entire chapter, and check if you have answered the questions you've made before correctly... If not, then the review did you well and you can fix your mistakes. Reviewing will also help you master all the information you've read so far, and store it in your memory bank.
Finding the main idea of a paragraph is not hard, but it does require concentration and analytical skills. If you approach each paragraph as a detective searching for clues and hints you will find the main idea, and topic with more ease.
main idea
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