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Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church Evangelism Presentation

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Daniel Burgess

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church Evangelism Presentation

Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church
Evangelism Plan (rough draft) Mission Statement:
To Teach the Unchanging Truth of God's Salvation to All People
Vision Statement:

To build the body of Christ by reaching out to all people

To grow in Christ by constant encouragement in the Gospel through Word and Sacrament
Philosophy of Ministry:

We would like to share the joy of God's gift with you. It came freely to us. We offer it freely to you. Come... share in the good news with our family of believers at Bethany Evangelical Lutheran Church.
In service to Christ, our family of believers provide the following:
•Worship Services
•Sunday School
•Bible Classes
•Adult Information Classes
•Confirmation Classes
•Scriptural Counseling
•Youth Group
•Shut-in Visitation
•Evangelism Outreach
•Fellowship Activities At Bethany, we believe, teach and confess that:
1.The Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God - His unchanging message to people of all times.
2.There is only one God; He is revealed to us as three persons - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
3.God created man holy and without sin. But man, of his own will, fell into sin and thus brought sin upon the whole human race.
4.Sin is in all men by nature and shows itself in every transgression of God's holy will by thought, word and deed.
5.The wages of sin is death and damnation in hell, an eternal agonizing separation from God.
6.But God so loved the world that He sent His only Son, Jesus, to redeem the world.
7.Jesus redeemed, justified the whole human race with His precious blood and with His innocent sufferings and death.
8.This glorious fact is accepted by faith, which works in the heart by God through the Word, Baptism, and the Lord's Supper.
9.By faith alone in Christ we are heirs of heaven. While yet on earth we want to show our love for him who first loved us.
10.At our death we shall inherit the full glories of everlasting life with Christ in heaven. Strategies:
- New Long Range Plans
- Guidelines for Evangelism Committee
- Target Area for Evangelism
- Evangelism Awareness Visits
- Video Calling Card for Congregations
- Neighborhood Interviews
- Assimilation Plan for New Members
- Counseling Outreach (Steve Bruns)
- New Member Seminar
- Outreach/Evangelism Newsletter for Congregation Evangelism Awareness Visits:
A. During the visit, we try to ask two questions.
1. "How did you become a member of our church?" or "Who brought you to our church?" This is a good chance to review the role of God's grace in their membership whether they were born into the church or someone brought them.
2. "What do you think the chief work of your church is?" Don't be surprised at the different answers you receive. Here we engage in a short Bible study looking at select passages which emphasize Christ's redemptive work and the disciple-making directives Christ gives to the Church.

B. Ask for the names of any prospects they might have in their own family or at work.

C. Explain briefly what your evangelism committee does. Include a description of what happens on a call.
Top Assimilation Ideas:

1. Have a good welcome packet.
2. Have the best information for your guests. Brochures for just about every area.
3. Create and distribute a welcome CD.
4. Create several information displays.
5. Have a good visitor card and use it.
6. Keep track of first, second, and third time visitors.
7. Keep track of the number of visitors in a year.
8. Use database to track a guest’s progress.
9. Categorize your visitors into different categories. Hot, warm, cold, or 101 and 201.
10. Develop Prayer teams to pray for recent guests to the church.
11. Have a couple of Friend Days every year.
12. Teach your people to invite guests at the start of every new series.
13. Have 8-12 Membership classes per year. To create the next step people need to be reminded
of membership about every 30 days.
14. New Members class at different times and formats.
A. Sunday mornings (9:15-10:15 a.m.).
B. Sunday evenings. (6:00-8:00 p.m.).
C. Wednesday evenings. (7:00- 9:00 p.m.).
15. Develop a calling team to call your Regular Attendees and people who haven’t visited for a while to
determine their status.
16. Pray for new visitors and guests every week.
17. Set yearly God sized retention goals based on percentages. Get away from warm and fuzzy
18. Develop an assimilation strategy and work the strategy
19. Create strategic groups to meet the needs of our family (singles, divorce care, etc).
20. Give visitors and guests the best parking places.
21. Develop or maintain guest sensitivity on Sunday morning.
22. Host several receptions throughout the year for guests and new members.
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