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National Art Education Association

No description

Kaysee Squire

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of National Art Education Association

Timeline 2013 2010 2011 2012 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c The Four Primary Goals National Art Education Association Reminder... 1947 Membership includes: Publications Publications Mauricia
Grade 2 Kaysee Squire NAEA
was founded 20,000 active
(PreK-12 & College) NEXT Strategic
Planning Studio 2011-2014
Goals into effect All 50 states
District of Columbia
U.S. Possessions
Canadian Provinces
U.S Military Bases
25 Foreign Countries National Art
Education Association Spring Conference 2013 "Jewelry Class 101"
"Tantalizing Tessellations"
"Students Love Shoes and so do you!"
"Art In Your Locker"
"Insights in Teaching: Special Needs Students"
"Junk 2 Funk Fashion Show"
"Fun With Ancient Egypt" 75.00 GA membership/year comprehensive, balanced and sequential program of instruction in the visual arts. Mission and Core Beliefs provides training, expertise, and resources to members local, state and national education associations, government agencies, foundations and corporations. 1. Learning - plans, coordinates and implements exemplary professional development initiatives that build member capacity to be effective educators, leaders, and
advocates for art education.

2. Community - build a more cohesive professional community among art educators, museum art educators, and artists through enhanced communication

3. Advocacy - effectively communicate the importance of student learning and lifelong learning in the visual arts to art educators, policy makers, parents, and the

4. Research and Knowledge - increase its value to members by assessing programs and services that inform practice, and by expanding access to information on current research and emerging policy issues that affect art education. NAEA journals and publications
Grants, awards
Exclusive access to online features
Lesson Plans
"SchoolArts"Magazine Subscription
Convention and Conference opportunities Other Memberships Offered: Active
First-Year Professional
Associate Non-Art Educator
Institutional/School-Based Partnerships "Art, Culture, and Ethnicity" "The Heart of Art Education" "Interdisciplinary Approaches to Teaching Art in High School" "Reaching and Teaching Students with Special Needs Through Art" Journal "Transforming City Schools Through Art" "Understanding Students with Autism Through Art" "Why Our High Schools Need the Arts" Art Education "Building Forts and Drawing on Walls: Fostering Student-Initiated Creativity Inside and Outside the Elementary Classroom" Articles Include: "Object Lesson: Using Family Heirlooms to Engage Students in Art History" "Drawing Community Connections" Share your artwork
Book signings
Interactive Workshops
Vendors "People In Action"
Satilla Marsh Elementary Malichi
Grade 4 Austin
Grade 5 "Monster From My Mind"
Satilla Marsh Elementary Margot
Grade 5 Halle
Grade 5 "Wood Storks"
Golden Isles Elementary "Food Art"
Satilla Marsh Elementary Payton
Grade 4 Maddie
Grade 4 "Recycled Art"
Risley Middle Noah
Grade 8 Scottia
Grade 6 "Panda Bear"
Altama Elementary Jasmine
Kindergarten Kailey
Kindergarten Jorden
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