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Favorite Game Genres

No description

Emily Kleinhenz

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of Favorite Game Genres

Video Genres
Favorite Game Genres
Action and Adventure
Life Simulation
Favorite Games
The Sims (1-4 and My Sims)

lego games (lego harry potter, lego batman, etc.)

Mario (Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Galaxy)
Why The Sims?
real life simulation that lets you play with life
can customize (people, places, goals, personalities, etc.)
calming (don't have to have fight scenes)
Why Lego?
Action- Adventure
It allows players to explore places, while still being able to fight
you can follow the story line or you can simply explore places
you can select from many different characters
Why Mario?
Action-Adventure that has (generally) really fun levels
your not allways fighting bosses through the entire level
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