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Preposition "de"

No description

Kali Ashman

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Preposition "de"

The preposition "de" Son los amigos de la profesora.
They're the teacher's friends. "De" is used to show
possession or relationship. Es el carro de Ernesto.
It's Ernesto's car. "De" can also be used to indicate what
type of things you are describing. Los libros de aventuras
adventure books

Las peliculas de misterio
Mystery movies The word "de" can also be used
to say where someone is from. Julio es de Costa Rica
Julio is from Costa Rica. Practicamos... The preposition de followed by el
makes the contraction del. El correo electronico
del profesor.
The teacher's e-mail Complete each sentence with de, del, de la, de los, de las.. 1. Es el cumpleanos _____ profesora.
2. Es la pizza ____ Carlos.
3. Me gusta los libros ___ aventuras.
4. ¿Te gusta la musica _____ Luke Bryan?
5. Yo soy en la clase ___ Espanol.
6. Son los amigos _____ profesor.
7. Me gusta la pizza ____ Papa John's.
8. Es la fiesta _____ muchachas.
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