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No description

Natalia Albatarseh

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of Texting

Is texting taking a toll on the english language? Texting has become a way to "short cut" words Scientists think texting may
be more that a new way of communicating.

The average american teenager
recieves about 2700 texts
per month
Kids who text a lot usually have bad grammar, and puncuation. This is becoming an important thing in kids lives.

It's Becoming the #1
Form of Communication, and
cheating through texting is
now a big issue
The fact is that kids feel that texting connects them instantly Teen texting has overtaken every other type of interaction It may change and
take over the english language Adults should use it to their advantage. Some people disagree but the world is becoming a technology based place
Thanks for watching(:
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