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Bailey Art Room Procedures

Introduction to Classroom Procedures and Expectations for the beginning of the year

Jessica Frisco

on 7 September 2012

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Transcript of Bailey Art Room Procedures

These are the routines we follow to make sure that our Art classroom runs efficiently, stays safe, and allows us to learn. Work hard and do your BEST!
Stay in YOUR space (sitting or standing).
Voice Volume 3 (quiet talking at your table) ALWAYS.
Use creative problem solving.
Try to solve problems BEFORE asking for help.
Ask table mates for help FIRST.
Ask Mrs Frisco for help if table mates do not know.
Always use tools and materials as they are intended.
WALK if you need to get a tool or material. During Studio Time Every table has a "Supply Monitor".
Everyone returns to their space to wait for supplies.
The "Supply Monitor" will get supplies for your table. Getting Supplies BEFORE you begin... write your name and teacher on back. Name If your project is WET:
Wait for Mrs Frisco to call your table.
Put your project on the drying rack.
If your project is DRY:
Give it to your "Project Monitor"
"Project Monitor" will put projects in TEACHER'S Bin"
If your project is 3D:
Wait for Mrs Frisco to call your table.
Put your project on your TEACHER'S SHELF. Putting Projects Away Emergency Procedures Everyone at the table organizes supplies ON your table.
"Supply Monitor" returns supplies where they belong.
Everyone else except the "Supply Monitor" cleans
ON your table
AROUND your table Putting Supplies Away Clean Up Done? Clean your materials.
Set project aside.
Choice Based Art After the 3 R's Consider the supplies available.
Only use recycled and crafting materials.
Make a thumbnail sketch of your plan.
Get your supplies and a Ziploc bag.
Write your name on your bag with a Sharpie.
Work creatively and safely in your assigned space.
At Clean Up time, put all materials in your baggie.
Give your baggie to the project monitor.
You may work on it next time you finish early. Recycle and Craft Station Choose an Art Game from the Game Shelf.
Work creatively and safely in your assigned space or on the carpet.
Work independently or with a friend.
At Clean Up time, put all game pieces back where they belong.
Help with Clean Up. Art Games I have band aids on the counter near the door.
If you need to go to the nurse:
Please let me know.
A student will walk you there. Hurt or Sick? You must ask permission

Straight to.
Straight back.
No visiting in the hall.
One person at a time.
Sign out on the door. Bathroom Clean Up Together Enter quietly
Find your seat
Voice volume 1
Wait for directions
Be READY for Art! Entering the Art Room Find a good book about Art.
Curl up on the carpet or in your space and read.
Return book to it's spot when Clean Up begins. Reading about Art Fire:


Lockdown: Demonstration
"Demo Time" Come to the Demo Table slowly and safely.
Form a BIG circle around the table.
Please don't be a Space Invader!
Raise your hand if you have a question. Water Bottles Water Bottles are ALWAYS allowed.
Keep them under your chair.
Keep them capped.
Recycle or bring them with you to refill. Easel Paint During Directions Trash vs. Recycling Listen carefully.
Voice Volume 1
Raise your hand if you have a question.
Don't be a Topic Twister Meister Put all reusable scraps in the SCRAP PAPER DRAWERS.
Put all SMALL scraps in recycling bin.
Put all tape and garbage in the TRASH. Art Classroom Procedures Billy 5Pr Sophie 3T Jim 1B Return to your seat.
Have "Supply Monitor" ask Mrs Frisco to check table and supplies when your table is ready.
Mrs Frisco will dismiss your table to line up.
Push in your chair and line up.
Walk safely and slowly to your line spot.
Straight, parallel lines please.
Voice volume 1 and ready for your teacher. Immediately walk quickly to your line spot by door.
Walk quickly out recess door.
Stay in your line order and wait for attendance by playground.
Voice Volume 1.

Immediately walk quickly to the back room.
Sit around perimeter of the back room... hands behind neck.
Voice Volume 1. Immediately walk quickly to the back room.
Sit on floor in the back room.
Voice Volume 1. If you think you are done... Reflect:
Go to the "Reflection Door" and pin artwork up.
Self Reflect using questions posted there.
Write your reflection paragraph on the back of your artwork.
Write 5 complete sentences MINIMUM talking about your artwork.
Share your thoughts with a table mate.
Ask them for a peer critique... have them write 3 more things.
Make changes as necessary.
Be creative and challenge yourself. 3 R's Choose to paint at the easel.
Work creatively and safely at the easel.
Work independently or with a friend.
At Clean Up time, clean YOUR area.
Help everyone else with Clean Up. Choose to work on weaving at the loom.
Work creatively and safely in the loom.
Work independently or with a friend.
At Clean Up time, clean YOUR area.
Put ALL yarn away where it goes.
Help everyone else with Clean Up. Friendly Loom Let's have fun
create and practice

Art Room Procedures! Now... Choice Based Art
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