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My Exciting Life!

No description

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of My Exciting Life!

Good Harbor beach is my favorite place in the world
Annika is my absolute best friend. We have know each other since kindergarten, so we have basically know each other for 6 years. This would be our 7 year. Annika and I have had some bumps in the road, but that is what makes us such strong friends. Annika lives in Lanes ville .I love Annika, but sometimes she is confusing and I am not really sure why, but she is going to school at the Rockport Middle school.Now she says that she might go to O'maley for 7th grade. Right now I am just going with the flow. which ever school she goes to is fine with me.As long as I see her every once in a while. I also text Annika about 5 days a week. Last but not least Annika takes karate lessons and she is getting her black belt soon. I admire Annkia for all she does and she is my role model.Annika is Swedish and Hungarian. In the end she is a mult-cultured, unique, stylish girl.
My Exciting Life!
By:Sophia Hogan-Lopez
Date:September 26,2013

My sis Olivia
My other sis Alycia
Some of my awesome cousins .
Me and My Cousin in Mexico
Me, my sisters and my dad apple picking last year
My full name is Sophia Marie Hogan-Lopez and this report is based on my life.Now I may not seem like it but I am a total beach person.I
to swim. If I moved away from the ocean or if the ocean were to die away I would die along with it. My favorite colors are
I go to
every year. My dad is from
and I love seeing my
. I even plan to write a book about my dad. I want the world to know about how my dad grew up in
and how he had to work in the
fields for money when he was only
15 years old
! I like it when people are
. I get this wonderful feeling that makes me feel like I want to
right then and there. (Even though I am a horrible
) I am always happy except for the times when I am
.(Which is
hardly ever
!) I dislike when people compare me to some
screechy high-maintenance girl
who is worried about
chipping her nails
. I am nothing like that! Sure girls like to look
, but who really cares if you
chip a nail
or if your clothes are not in the
style. I like having my own

. I also like being organized. Some times my room becomes
but never too
. I dislike the way some people treat the
What is happening to the
! It tears my
out to see
becoming destroyed. It also tears my
out when those commercials for the
abused animals
comes on. It is so
. It makes me so sad I just can not write about it any longer. My favorite food is
. They are so
! I am hungry just writing about it. I also love to garden. We grow tons of plants.about . I don't have any pets at the moment , but we used to have two

There names were
) and
)They were awesome dogs. My Mom and Dad got
(the boy) in Mexico.). When my mom and dad got married they moved to
and they brought
along. A little while after they moved to
they realized that
was lonely, so they bought
(the girl). Since they bought
we always used to joke around about
talking in a
accent, saying things like "My
" and " You are hot like a
" Then we would imagine
saying " Yah , yah are you going to eat that?"
was a good natured dog. Instead of chasing the
he would just stand next to them and all of our neighbors would say "you know my dog is not friendly with any other dog accept yours." , so we figured
was a likeable guy. Now
was a little fur ball that did ,unlike
, not like to listen. She would go out the door into the snow and come back weeping and full of snow. I still remember
cuddling so close that they looked like one big white fur ball.
was the first to go. She had blatter
clogging her systems. She past away in October a few years ago. Then a little while later
was diagnosed with
problems. A little while later that year
died of heart failure and to this day I still believe that he died of a
broken heart.
Now we have two fish (
), but it is not the same. This year I am taking band for the third year, so far I have gotten two awards for playing my
successfully. I love music. I especially like old
Billie Jean
Michael Jackson

Mellow Yellow
Donovan ,
but I also like new songs like
Just Hold on We are Going Home
Now I could go on forever, because I love so many songs, but I won't for your sake.This year I am also in the play, in the
S.A.i.LS. Club
, and in the
church choir.
I am also probably going to take
swimming lessons
.In this term I want to learn more about
drug abuse
and second hand
I always wanted to know more, but never really got the chance. Second hand
always concerned me and I figure the more I know the more i can help.
Thanks for reading what I had to write
This is so cool dudes
I have a lot of friends. Right now my best friends of all are Emily Grace, Jenna, and Bianca. Emily can get really dramatic.(Which is why I think she should be an actor.) Last year Annika told me that Emily thought I was full of myself. Emily had been moody that day, but I never thought it was because of me. Annika then tried to be comforting and told me that Emily was wrong, but it still hurt. The next day Emily was all happy, so even though she said nothing about it I forgave her secretly in my thoughts. From that day forward I noticed that Emily talks bad about a lot of people. When Emily is not moody she is funny and generous. Jenna is just a sweetheart. She doesn't hang around me too much, but when she does she is always happy, smiling, and caring.. Last, but not least Bianca . I just met her this year, but I already like her a lot. She always laughs at my jokes and is always happy. Generally I like me friends to be happy, to be nice and for them to laugh at my jokes. I also like it when my friends are sporty. I don't like to just sit around. I like to run,play tag and just always being active.If I could change anything about my friends is for them to be more active.
Olivia is 9 years old and she is in 4th grade at Plum Cove elementary school. In my opinion Olivia is really cute. Out of the three of us Olivia is the one who looks most like our Mom. Olivia has the lightest colored skin aside from Mom and Olivia is the only one who has Mom's freckles. When my Mom was little she had eczema and so does Olivia. Either on her wrists or between her fingers Olivia gets these rashes that are really itchy and red. If she itches them they get raw. To prevent and help her rashes she has to put cream on her eczema. Her one pinky has been swollen for a year. I admire Olivia, because she almost never complains, even when she has problems. Olivia is very funny and always cracks me up.She also plays the guitar and is going to play the trombone in the band. Remember how I said we used to have dogs? Well when Olivia was in kindergarten she would come home and tell the dogs about her day. Literally. She would also read to them and they would listen.Now we have two fish and Olivia is really the only one that feeds them. Last, but not least Olivia is a total cowgirl. She loves cowgirl boots, she loves old western shows(we watch Bonanza every night),and she loves horses. She even has her radio programed for country music stations. When she had to throw her old pair of cowgirl boots in the garbage (because they were broken) she cried, but don't worry she got a new pair. In the end Olivia is a loveable, hug able, easy going ,cowgirl.
Alycia Margret Hogan-Lopez. What a character. Alycia wants to be a dancer and a singer when she grows up. Even though she is only 6 years old she has a strong personality. She hugs everyone. She walks up to strangers says hi and 2 minutes later she acts as if she has know you forever and the only way to offended her is to reject her hugs. Alycia loves the color pink and sparkles. Alycia can become a diva, but she is determined to not become full of her self. Alycia has this imaginary friend named Chelsea and she has been talking to her since she was 4 years old. When both Olivia and I went to school Alycia got lonely and Chelsea came along. Alycia has this fake phone and she would type in random numbers and then talk to Chealsea . She would say things like, "Hey Chelseaaaaaae" and she would hang on to the a as long as she could to make it sound funny. Alycia also loves the (little mermaid)Ariel and mermaids in general. In the end Alycia is a fun, happy, princess.
Chelsea Berry is Olivia's favorite singer.
My mom's real name is Colleen.My mom grew up in Canada, but her mother and father were immigrants from Ireland. If you look at pictures of my mom when she was little she had red hair and she looked like one of those cute freckled irish girls. My mom's passion is interior designing. She is just at the peak of her career and her business is just starting. In my opinion my mom is an awesome designer and she even designed my green and yellow room which I still am in love with to this day. My mom is also a sewer, and a knitter. My mom met my dad in Mexico. My mom and dad started dating and then they got married in Mexico in April 1997. My Mom then made a deal with my Dad that they would live in Gloucester for a year and if my Mom didn't like it they would move to Canada. My Mom ended up loving it Gloucester and here I am. In the end my Mom is a strong,creative out-going irish girl.
My dad's real name is Jose. He grew up in Mexico. He tells me all these cool stories about when he was growing up in Mexico. Like I said I plan to write a book about all of his adventures. My dad had to travel to California by himself when he was only 15 years old. That means my dad only got to 8th grade!Now he didn't do it, because he wanted to but for money. Sadly his family didn't have a lot of money.He then ended up in Gloucester when he was about 19. He then worked as a painter for a friend. My Dad hated the cold and since there was no work in the winter he would live in Mexico for the winter and move back to Gloucester in the summer. The winter my Mom met my Dad my Dad was working on a cruise in Mexico and my Mom was on the cruise vacationing. Long story short My Mom and Dad got married and ended up in Gloucester. My Dad has his own painting business and it works out, because my Mom is the brains and my dad is the muscle. My dad likes collecting coins and likes watching boxing. Oh,I almost forgot. Before my Dad worked in the Californian fields he was a boxer. He was pretty good,too. That is also a warning, because I have my Dad's skills. Our basement has two spots. The art room and Dad's area. In dad's area there is a couch, TV, Bar, Dart board, and, his collections of signed boxing gloves and signed pictures of famous boxers. They are his most prized possessions. With all of the stuff that my dad had to go through he is very humble, so he really enjoys having the basement as his own area. My Dad can also eat really hot peppers. I mean Really hot peppers. I find that amazing.In the end my Dad is a house painting, boxing, guy with a super cool spanish accent.
the only thing I would change about my family is adding a pet.
Some bottles with clay on them that my mom
Last years play at Plum Cove. I wasn't in it, but it was still awesome
A picture of my room that my my mom designed
So Juicy!
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