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call of duty

No description

H Johnston

on 21 January 2015

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Transcript of call of duty

call of duty
grand theft auto is full of different things to do on the campaign the are assassinations, bank heist, killing and much more and get a fast car and drive along the road or up a mountain or take a break from the ground and grab a plane and adventurer the sky or travel is to the sea on a boat or a submarine. get a friend or a few and play together on gta online.
grand theft auto
assassins creed play as a deadly assassin and kill the TEMPERS and save the good all of the the assassins creed story's have been tragic to start there quest to have revenge on there lost ones the first assassin was altier he was also the oldies to be assassins as the others stared in there teen years. as all the assassins creed ending have been good and fun but as you play throw the campaign pull amazing skill by assassinating from the ground and air and fighting 1 to 10 tempers.
assassins creed
outlast is a game of horror you will not sleep alot after you play this for the first time outlast is jamed packed with jump scares and frighting moments the will be different evil in this place like wallrider,billy the ghost, a Doctor and the other insane people there outlast is basted in a mental asylum with sick people have become deformed and scared as you reach the end of outlast sadly you are killed by armed fores but you videoed ure journey to hell.
call of duty is a game of war the player seeks out to kill,capture,and destroy there are three game modes of call of duty but not all the modern warfare franchise dose not have one of the game modes i will say they have a different game mdoes to the others the other cods have zombies or extinction the modern warfare have survival on the multilayer there alot of game modes some hard some easy there is core for the relaxing experiences of call of duty or hardcore to have a bigger challenge.
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