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Prezi prezi

Why prezi

nigel grainge

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Prezi prezi

..or something more metaphorical... Start with a template to create a canvas that captures the big picture..... Prezi is a new tool that allows a new approach to presentations Emphasizes the BIG-picture
Supports non-linear approaches
Encourages multimedia
Enables exploration This is called a 'frame'.
It's like a PowerPoint slide... You can add text... You can import images... ..or add media links ..then continue with some imported PowerPoint Slides a new tool for presentations Prezi You could even create one of your own ...with animation effects. ...and shapes too. Text You can go back to the beginning... Lack of Structure
Stereotypes and Biases
Projection Effect
Similarity Effect
Contract Effect Major Sources of Interviewing Errors Prejudgment
Inadvertent Reinforcement of Behavior
Overreaction to Negative Information
Halo Effect Major Sources of Interviewing Errors Able?
Background Factors
Synthesis Analysis and Interpretation ..you can use 'autoplay' to allow endless repeat performances.... recognize this one? ...but that's the next class! ...create a .pdf that can be printed... ...or e-mail - or post online - the file to permit individual exploration. ...hide some details inside the big picture.. ...full disclosure the free version is basic, the better version is $$
functionality is more limited than PowerPoint (fonts, colour, shapes, animation etc)
it's a little hard to get started - and use effectively Health warning - may induce vertigo!
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