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A Separate Peace Project

No description

Lupe Salas

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of A Separate Peace Project

By: Lupe Salas "A Separate Peace"
Major Project "A Separate Peace" is set during the early years of World War II. In a boys' boarding school in New England. In the boarding school they train the boys for when they go off to the war. "A Separate Peace" shows the problems that occur between two best friends, and how those problems affect their life's. Setting Finny is very humble, he's confident, generous, and he's forgiving. In "A Separate Peace" page 66 when he tells Gene that he had a feeling that he had made him fall off the tree, he apologizes for even having that feeling and thinking that Gene had wanted him to fall of the tree, that he had wanted to hurt him. Characterization Brinker External Conflict Gene Internal Conflict The book "A Separate Peace" starts out with a flashback. The tree and marble steps that are used at the beginning of the book foreshadow what will happen later on in the book with Finny. The tree also symbolizes Gene and Finny's friendship. When the marble steps are mentioned in page 165 they foreshadow Finny's fall. They don't foreshadow his death but they foreshadow his fall. Literary Devices http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Separate_Peace Works Cited Finny Gene Gene is very jealous and insecure. He's also very competitive, like in "A Separate Peace" page 54, Gene states that he became a better student after he "realized" that Finy and him were equal in enmity, and that he could only beat him by becoming Valedictorian. Brinker's problem is that he doesn't know when to stop. Like in chapter 11 of "A Separate Peace" he keeps pushing Finny to remember what happened in the tree. He pushes Leper to tell what happened, and he pressures Gene to confess that he made Finny fall out of the tree. He was the one pushing people to enlist in the war, and when anyone has a problem he is the first one to judge them. Quackenbush Quackenbush has no real friends. In page 79 Gene and him get into a fight because he called Gene maimed. On page 98 the boys make fun of him when they are coming back from shoveling the snow off of the railroad tracks, because he said he was going to stay the whole year in Devon instead of enlisting in the war. Leper Gene is very insecure. He believes that without Finny he wouldn't be anybody. He's even insecure about his friendship with Finny, in page 54 that the only thing that made them even was enmity. He thought that Finny was jealous of him. When in reality Finny thought of him as his best friend. Leper lives in his own little world. He doesn't realize that most of the guys don't like him. Either because he's weird because he collects snails, he's scared to do anything too risky, or because he's always too caught up in his own things that he never takes part in anything that's happening around him, meanwhile the rest of the guys are forced to help out.
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