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Presenting Argument: Lesson 4 - The written explanation

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Liam Brooks

on 11 September 2017

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Transcript of Presenting Argument: Lesson 4 - The written explanation

Presenting Argument: Lesson 4 - The written explanation
To understand the requirements and structure of the written explanation.

Students will be able to identify and
explain the intended effect
persuasive techniques
style and tone
in a sample written explanation.
Entry activity: Quizlet races
1. Go to quizlet.live

2. Put in the game code.

3. Create a username.

4. Let's play.
Activity: Ordering a jumbled structure for the oral presentation.
1. Working in groups of four.

2. Everyone will start off in their groups on one side of the room.

3. Each 'step' of an oral presentation has been cut into a strip of paper. The strips of paper are located on the other side of the room.

4. One person from each group will go to the pile, take ONE strip, and bring it back to the group.

5. Once the person has returned, another person will go and get a strip and so forth.

6. The group must arrange the strips on the wall in the correct order. The first group to arrange the oral presentation in the correct order wins.

Going through a sample written explanation.

This is really an optional step, as your form is restricted by the conditions of the SAC.
And ordering of first, second, third main argument/idea. Why in that order? Intended effect on audience?
Identify> Example> Explain intended effect on audience
What's the tone at the beginning, middle, and end? Why? Explain intended effect of tone and tone shift on audience.
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