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Female in top management

No description

July Van Toorn

on 9 December 2015

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Transcript of Female in top management

Plan of the presentation
Elena -
Van Toorn
1. Situation
Women in top management
5. Conclusion
Presentation :

1. Situation
2. Obstacles
3. Performance
4. Measures
5. Conclusion
Through difficult times
=> Easy to ignore equality women/men

To take initiatives
Aim =
To get a stronger tomorrow

=> Equality = key of the economic growth

Half op the workforce
> Half of the graduated

1. Family influence:
2. Self-promotion:
2. Obstacles
3. Performance
“Strenghts lies in differences not in similarities”
BUT potential of women => still underused
Women's talents =>
not optimally exploited
Why ?
3. Identification:
4. Stereotypes:
Majority of domestic responsibilities
Develop relationships
Female models => no motivation
Less hardworking, intelligent,...

Companies with > one woman
=> stock market return increases

Higher percentage reached
=> the performance increases as well

Companies with women at the top management
Return on equity and stock valuation higher
1. To set numerical goals:
2. To recruit fairly:
4. Measures
3. To broad criteria:
4. To build inclusion:
Number of women needed
Based on biases
Rewriting job descriptions
Rethinking old systems
Organizations => to promote the professional advancement of women
European Commission => attaining 40% of women (2020)
real and not acceptable

Men, women and organizations => need to take actions

Companies that focus on diversity => better results + better ideas/concepts

Not one gender better than the other
BUT diversity for better decision making and performance
Thank you for your attention!
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