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Sexism in Disney Fairytale

No description

Ali Y

on 1 April 2014

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Transcript of Sexism in Disney Fairytale

The roles of each princess
How each princess behaves
The rules set on each one
What this teaches younger girls
The unrealistic body type of each one
Why Do People Believe Disney Portrays Sexism?
What Does The Princess Teach: Snow White
Snow White is known to be the princess who was "the fairest of them all".

Even the hunter who was to kill her in the woods let her go and escape because she was "too beautiful".

In this Fairy Tale, Snow White has no real personality. She is only known for her domestic skills and her beauty,

Upon entering the dwarfs' home, she even makes a comment about there being no MOTHER in this home to keep it clean.

What Does The Princess Teach: Cinderella
What Message Do The Disney Fairy Tales Portray To Young Girls?
Research has found that younger girls between the ages of 3-8 are given the message of the importance of beauty by Disney.

Disney tells little girls, through their princess "role models" that beauty and appearances are the most important characteristics of a girl's life.

Dana, Dawndrea, & Ziena
Sexism in Disney Fairy Tales

The prince did not care who she was as long as the slipper fit
Cinderella was ecstatic to know that he will find her this way
Every other female in the kingdom tried on the slipper not caring if the prince does not even know her?
Cinderella teaches girls that they need to spend their life cleaning and waiting on others for a prince to come to the rescue.
What Does The Princess Teach: Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty teaches younger girls that they cannot be saved unless a handsome prince comes along.

This also shows how powerful males are: a kiss alone from them can break a spell and wake a girl who is put to sleep.

The only females really with a strong role in the fairy tale were the three fairies. However, they are old, bigger women-not thin, young and beautiful.
What Does The Princess Teach: The Little Mermaid
In The Little Mermaid, Ariel is determined to become human, in order to look the way the prince wants her to look.

The fact that she was given this, but was deprived of her voice and her strongest ability in return teaches girls that looks are more important in order to land a man.

"You’ll have your looks, your pretty face, and don’t underestimate the importance of body language.”
What Does The Princess Teach: Beauty & The Beast
Belle is smart but....

However the people of the town believe her to be a "funny girl" and odd. She is displayed to be out of society's norm.

Even when Belle begins to fall for the beast, it is in a way that females would like: she teaches him to dance and she teaches him etiquette. Basically, if she is good enough, then he will change for her--of course, she remains his prisoner.

There is male sexism here as well, the beast becomes this beautiful human, making it more reasonable for her to love him.
What Does The Princess Teach: Princess Jasmine
Jasmine's outfit is revealing and shows younger girls that dressing this way will make men fight over them. Her physical appearance is too unrealistic.

This fairytale also shows that Jasmine's political worth all depends on if she gets married or not.

It also shows girls that they should look for wealth in a man. Aladdin had to pose as 'Prince Ali' in order to even get in touch with her.
Teaches boys that they must dress really nice and aim for prince status, or else they are viewed as a "street rat".
Body Type & Appearance of Each Princess
Just For Fun
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