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Organized Crime - The Great Gatsby

No description

Mihir Reddy

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Organized Crime - The Great Gatsby

Connection to The Great Gatsby Brian Li
Dominique Noval
Mihir Reddy
William Wang
Period 3 The Great Gatsby:
Organized Crime Prohibition & Organized Crime Investigative Question - The time of Prohibition (1920-1933) ushered in a new era of illegal activities.
- By banning the sale and consumption of alcohol, criminal activity rapidly increased.
- Many gangsters, such as Al Capone and Johnny Torrio rapidly gained power through the massive distribution of illegal alcohol.
- Jay Gatsby was one such person who possibly acquired all of his wealth through bootlegging, the illegal selling of alcohol.
- Because bootlegging was so profitable and alcohol was always in high demand, illegal activity rapidly spread throughout the entire nation.
- Bootlegging did not require very much work but was also very lucrative, which greatly contributed to its massive increase in the nation during the era of Prohibition. Bootlegging - Bootlegging was highly profitable and could not be curbed due to the continuing demand from the bacchanalian society.
- Bootleggers found innovative ways to ship alcohol. They made low-quality moonshine and bathtub gin at home and sold it at high prices to consumers, who thought it was high-quality Canadian whiskey.
- Alcohol turned into a violent business, with gangsters such as Al Capone ordering the murders of those opposed to gain power. Howdy! Alcohol plays a large role in The Great Gatsby, as it seems that almost every adult cannot be without having a drink.
Where did the alcohol come from?
It is has been repeatedly implied that Jay Gatsby is in the bootlegging business. (Rumors or by his occasional shady behavior)
This explains how he accumulated the majority of his wealth in his adult years in a such a short period of time. What was Fitzgerald's purpose in mentioning organized crime in The Great Gatsby? Thesis: Through the use of organized crime in The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald brings to light the contrasting viewpoints between the lavish lifestyle of the Roaring 20's and its crime-ridden structure within.
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