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Retelling: An Assessment Tool

No description

Tiffany Doherty

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Retelling: An Assessment Tool

An Assessment Tool Retelling A retelling is a recount of key ideas or events in a sequential order that involves personal and critical thinking. What is it? •Miller, Reading with Meaning (2002, p. 163) To give the kids a framework
for thinking about retelling as they
synthesize what they’ve read,
I teach them to:

tell what’s important,
in a way that makes sense,
without telling too much. •Retellings need to me modeled; book walks, predictions, inferences

•Can be completed as a conversation during a conference session

•Assessed using rubrics How does it work?
• What subject did you have?

How could you use Retelling to assess students' comprehension of this subject? Questions for Discussion Advantages of Retelling

Take 2 minutes to explore the
example at your table Examples of Retelling -way to assess a student’s comprehension of a piece of text.
-Openness of retelling: see the student's thought process.
-Quick way to assess using a retelling rubric
-Improve oral language development/ communication skills Prompting
Regurgitating vs Relating to Personal Experience
Difficulty with Retelling
- 2nd Language/ Language Development
- Ability as "Story Teller"
Not an Assessment on Memory
Is it an Authentic Activity?
Making it part of students' instruction CAUTIONS Usefulness of Retelling -Develops Vocabulary
-Elements of a story, sequence and predictions
-Writing and communication skills
-Summarizing text
-COP (Conversation, observation, product)
-Cross-curricular The features of presentation
software I included... * Created a slide show from a template
* Used normal, outline, slide sorter views
*Changed slide order, hiding slides and custom shows
* Added graphics
*Used master slides (Print version guiding presentation)
*Presented show
* I provided access to other group members so that we could collaboratively edit this project
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