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Copy of Gerunds

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Molly Seifert

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Gerunds

How Gerunds are Used as Subjects
Baking cookies is an extremely intense pastime.
Gerunds as Direct Objects
Direct objects follow action verbs and tell who or what.
A gerund is an "-ing" verb that functions as a
Remember that ALL NOUNS can function one of five ways in a sentence:
1) subject, 2) direct object, 3) indirect object, 4) predicate nominative, 5) object of the preposition
. Therefore, gerunds (because they are nouns) function in one of these five ways as well.
is my favorite thing to do.
is a gerund because it looks like a verb that ends in ing, but it is being used as a noun. Eating is the subject of the sentence, and subjects must be nouns! (or pronouns, of course)
In this sentence, the subject is "baking cookies". Without it, the sentence would not make sense. Therefore, it is a gerund.
ex. Everyone loves eating cookies.
Loves, in this sentence, is the action verb and eating cookies is what people love. (THINK: love what? eating cookies.)
Gerunds as Objects of Prepositions
The object of a preposition is the noun that follows the preposition. Gerunds, which act as nouns can be the object of the preposition.
Ex. I will get a glass of milk before eating my cookies.
Gerunds as Predicate Nominatives
A gerund can act as a predicate noun.
Ex: My favorite thing to do is baking.
"Baking" is the predicate noun because the "favorite thing" is "baking".
The loud beeping announced that the cookies were done.
My plans for vacation include baking delicious cookies.
Buying dark chocolate chips is my plan of action for today.
The bakers kept the pastry kitchen clean by sweeping daily.
Jake enjoys baking chocolate chip cookies.
The thing I worry most about is burning the cookies.
Gathering the ingredients can be a long process.
The part I enjoy most is stirring the batter.
I love the delicious, warm, goey, sticky stuff inside cooling chocolate chip cookies.
Eating large amounts of cookies helps clear the head.
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