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The Physics of Martial Arts

No description

Jon Magwood

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of The Physics of Martial Arts

References: "Thank you" to... http://discovermagazine.com/2000/may/featphysics#.UOY0JWzAeqk

Jon Chananie "Physics of Karate Strikes"

Phillip Starr "Martial Mechanics" MARTIAL ARTS The Physics of RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN "...if the board is infused with more energy than its structure can handle, it breaks."
~Jon Chananie "The Physics of Karate Strikes" F=ma [ ] Logically the more mass behind a punch is going to have more force. In the same way, the more acceleration behind a punch, the greater the force will be behind it. When delivering a punch, you want to deliver as much force as possible. Consider the following variables: ASPECT 1: FORCE ASPECT 2: ENERGY ASPECT 4: MOMENTUM ASPECT 3: ROTATION mv 2 2 ___ E= [ ] ASPECT 5: SUPERNATURAL? p=mv [ ] E= (1-e ) 2 _____ 2 [ ] [ m xm m +m ____ ] v 2 V The greater the distance travelled between the fist and the target, the more time the fist can accelerate. 1 2 1 2 by Abdelrahman Abdelrahman and Jon Magwood It is better to train to increase speed, rather than put on weight. v 2 velocity increase mass increase m When mass doubles, energy doubles. Mass is directly proportional to energy. Velocity is exponentially proportional to energy (by a factor of two). When velocity doubles, energy QUADRUPLES! Since the velocity of the hand and the level of deformation damage are proportional to each other, the faster the hand is moving, greater energy will be transferred to the brick. Physics Human Body Supernatural power X legs torso arms a=αr FORCE [ ] angular acceleration radius When radius increases so will acceleration. Opponent Situation A: Standstill Situation B: Running Opponent punch v and m + m and v of opponent COMBINED VELOCITY AND MASS defender's body oncoming attacker attacker's greater and uncontrolled momentum and the rude lady at Modern Martial Arts Family Fitness Centre
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