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TURC Project 2017

No description

Anna Findley

on 11 June 2017

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Transcript of TURC Project 2017

TURC Project 2017
Anna Findley and Jennifer Fox
Findings So Far
17% of all professors in STEM are women (1)
Based on interviews interest in STEM drops at the age of 15 (2)
In 2013, 26% of Computing professionals were women (3)

9% of engineering work force is female (4)
6% of registered engineers and technicians are women (4)
Less than 40% of STEM teachers are comfortable giving engineering career advice. (1)
Conclusion of Research
Our Philosophy
Course Curriculum
Digital Logic
Measurement of Success
Day one questionnaire
Concluding questionnaire
Camp time interaction
Findings So Far
We believe that the most effective engineering teams are composed of both men and women and that more girls can be encouraged to maintain an interest in and pursue STEM by:
Make STEM resources more accessible
Create a more hands on team/project lesson plans
Build and create
Increase the number and accessibility of STEM role models
Improve the perception of possibilities within STEM
Circuit Components
Circuit Scribe
Basic Logic
Depiction of Logic
Arduino Programing Project
Basic Forces
Bridge Competition
Basic Lego NXT programing
Sound system
Simple roller coaster
Build and program rover
Build roller coaster
Findings from interviews
Fewest number of women in Computer and Electrical Engineering
girls lose interest age 15
lack of professional role models
(1) “Statistics on Women in Engineering - SWE Research.” [Online]. Available: http://www.women-in-engineering-statistics-march2016.pdf. [Accessed: 01-Jun-2017].

(2) C. Bullock, “Why is Russia so good at encouraging women into tech?,” BBC News, 21-Apr-2017. [Online]. Available: http://www.bbc.com/news/business-39579321. [Accessed: 01-Jun-2017].

(3)E. Sherman, “Report: The number of women in computing has plummeted,” Report: The number of women in computing has plummeted | Fortune.com, 26-Mar-2015. [Online]. Available: http://fortune.com. [Accessed: 01-Jun-2017].

(4) “Women's Engineering Society,” Useful Statistics | Women's Engineering Society. [Online]. Available: http://www.wes.org.uk/statistics. [Accessed: 01-Jun-2017].

(5) “Solving the Diversity Dilemma | Change the Equation.” [Online]. Available: http:///www.changetheequation.org. [Accessed: 01-Jun-2017].

(6) A. Findley, J. Fox, and J. Rehberg, “Janet Rehberg Interview,” 26-May-2017.

(7)A. Findley and J. Fox, “Lack of Women in Engineering Survey.” .

(8) A. Findley, J. Fox, and J. Edwards, “Jo Edwards Interview,” 26-May-2017.
"The biggest thing is "to break down stereotypes; you don't have to "look like" an engineer." (6)
Girls can sometimes be hesitant to take lead. (6)
Ms. Rehberg was the only female engineer at AEP out of 11 states. (6)
"Took time to feel accepted by collegues" (8)
'Media over characterizes or under plays women in STEM' (8)
Findings From Survey
Responses indicate that:
Over half those surveyed had no knowledge of Electrical Engineering prior to college (7)
Most received encouragement to pursue STEM from a parent/guardian or teacher (7)
Interest in STEM from an early age was very common (7)
Survey Questions
Additional Survey Questions
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