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VCE Media Studies

Year 11 and 12 Media Studies at a glance

James Taylor

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of VCE Media Studies

The University High School Unit One
(Sem 1, Yr 11) Outcome One: Representation The purpose of this subject is to provide
students with the skills and knowledge
to be active readers and empowered
creators of various media texts. Analyse media representations
in a range of media texts and forms Outcome Two:
Technologies of Representation Create media representations
using different media technologies Outcome Three: New Media Investigate the impact of new media technology
on society Links to Social Values
in Year 12 Media Links to Media Influence
in Year 12 Media Unit Two
(Sem 2, Yr 11) Outcome One:
Collaborative Media Production Complete a collaborative media product
by adhering to a particular production process
and fulfilling particular production roles Outcome 2: Media Industry
Outcome 3:
Australian Media Organisations Investigate how a particular media organisation/industry
operates and the social factors that influence this organisation/industry Unit Three
(Sem 1, Yr 12) Outcome One: Narrative Analyse two films in terms of genre, production and story elements,
and audience reception Outcome Two:
Media Production Plan Technical Exercises x 2
Production Folio Outcome Three:
Social Values Analyse one media text in terms of how social values shape,
and are reflected in, the text via representations Remember analysing Psycho in Unit 2? Remember the production processes from Unit 1 and 2? Remember analysing representations
in Unit 1? Unit Four
(Sem 2, Yr 12) Outcome One:
Media Influence Investigate how and to what extent
the media may influence the behaviour of particular audiences Remember Unit 1 Outcome 3? Outcome Two:
Media Product Produce a media product for a particular audience
that is based on your production folio Photographic Media Product
(10 - 15 Source Images) Video Media Product
(4 - 10 minutes)
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