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Advertising Campaign: Ralph Lauren

No description

Claire Lorentz

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Advertising Campaign: Ralph Lauren

I. Summary
worldwide company founded in 1967
sells, designs, distributes clothing, accessories, jewelry, and home goods
versatile brands within Ralph Lauren:
Polo Ralph Lauren
Black Label
Blue Label

Recent numbers:
Stock shares:
2014 quarter revenue:
$1.9 billion
locations worldwide
What we hope to get out of this campaign...
IV. Target Market
Image by Tom Mooring
III. Measurable Objectives
Advertising Campaign: Ralph Lauren

15-20% increase of sales on day of fashion show
100+ people in attendance of the fashion show
Kailey Sanchez
Matt Rosenberg
Claire Lorentz

90% customer satisfaction results through a survey of attendees
A. Primary Market
Ralph Lauren regulars
People of wealth
Big name endorsers (celebrities)
- Putting a focus on big spenders and making their satisfaction a priority
B. Secondary Market
People who are spending for summer (Seasonal spenders)
Younger people
People you wouldn't expect to wear our brand regularly
Ex.) Hip-hop artists
Putting emphasis on the primary market while hoping to expand with the secondary
V. List of Advertising Media Selection
1. Email an invitation to Ralph Lauren's members/Email list
2. Put up a sign outside the store publicizing the event
3. Radio advertisement on KKIQ
4. Post on Ralph Lauren Facebook page
5. Social media publicity (Instagram/Twitter)
6. Ad in a local movie theater before a popular movie
7. Outlets website advertisement
Campaign: Fashion Show at Ralph Lauren in Livermore
cost about $17,444
promote sales & advertise new collection
middle to upper class
key is advertising
increase publicity & sales
VI. & VII. Schedule
IX. Benefits
VIII. Budget
Total for spending on advertising for the event: $2,444.00
Total event spending: $15,000.00
Grand Total: $2,444
+ $15,000
Increase sales
Ralph Lauren fashion show event:
May 3rd, 2014
Broaden customer base
All advertising prior to event will start airing and be posted one month prior to the event on:
April 3rd, 2014
Advertise new collection & get the word out
increase customer satisfaction
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