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No description

Phoebus Marneros

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of HYDRAULICS

Hydraulic System A

Hydraulic System B

Standby Hydraulic System
Hydraulic System A
• Autopilot A
• Rudder
• Elevator
• Aileron
• Landing Gear
• Ground Spoilers
• In-flight Spoilers (2 on each wing)
• Alternate Brakes
• Nose Wheel Steering
• Thrust Reverser No.1
• Power Transfer Unit (uses System A
pressure to power a HYD motor-
driven pump which pressurizes
System B fluid)

Standby Hydraulic
• Reversers 1 + 2 (At a slower rate.
Anticipate any thrust asymmetry)
• Rudder
• Standby Yaw Damper
• LED (Extend ONLY)

Quantity and Pressures
Digital quantity range is between 0% - 106%
Hydraulic System B
• Autopilot B
• Rudder
• Elevator
• Aileron
• Landing Gear Transfer Valve (for operation of the LGTU)
• Normal Braking
• 2nd Reverser
• Inflight Spoilers (2 on each wing)
• Yaw Damper
• Flaps
• Leading Edge Devices
• Alternate Nose Wheel Steering
• Auto Slats

Standby Hydraulic System
• Backup if System A and/or B
pressure is lost
• Automatic Activation
• Manual Activation

--- PTU ---
System B ENGINE driven pump below limits
Flaps Extended

--- LGTU ---
ENGINE #1 N2 RPM below a limit value
Landing Gear Lever UP and EITHER Main Landing Gear NOT UP & LOCKED
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