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Gender and nationalism in Korea

No description

Seungmo Koo

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Gender and nationalism in Korea

During Colonial Modernization
During colonial modernization women got educated since Japanese thought by teaching Women a Japanese language, women will assimilate into Japanese culture and their family will automatically assimilate into it as well.
"Wise mother, good wife"
Modern Women Campaign-no discrimination and gender equality
Changes of Female's Role in Korean Society
Gender and Nationalism in Korea

Confucianism in Joseon Dynasty period
Present and women's role in South Korea
Korean War on Gender Role
Becoming outstanding individuals from the country where no resources and needs talent pool (human resources).
Women's achievements in Role Around South Korea
First Female Architect - Jee soon (1966)
First Female Professional Golfer - Han Myung Hyun (1978)
First Female Helicopter Pilot - Kim Bok sun (1981)
First Female Orchestra Conductor - Kim Kyung hee (1989)
First Female Racing Driver - Kim Tae Ok (1989)
First Female President - Park Geun Hye (2013)
Women had to be docile
Never disagree with men's arguments
Didn't get educated
Had to stay at home most of times
During the Korean War, men went to the war and death from the war dropped large amount of populations down in the seoul cities.
Korean War on Gender Role
War widows from the Korean War had to get a job get a job to feed their family.
Allowed females to get involved in the society.
Broke the system- 'Men takes working parts and women takes childcaring and housekeeping.'
In 1950s, Women working in the industries and labouring made enable to them to modernize and broke down the image of ‘Hyunmoyangcheo’.
Women are gaining their human rights very fast.
Perspective on women working are changing from negative to positive from past days to now days.
Considering women's role in South Korea for present, developing gender equality could boost women's role of accelerating Korean economy.
Presentation Structure
Confucianism in Joseon Dynasty period
Colonial Modernization
Korean War on Gender Role
Changes of Female's Role in Korean Society
Present and women's role in South Korea
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