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Lauren Suh

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of prezi

Fever 1793 by Laurie Halse Anderson Prezi by Lauren Suh This is a souvenir Eliza would have because she worked at the coffeehouse as a cook and later became Mattie's partner. This a picture of the coffeehouse and this is where Eliza worked and where she took the kids when they contracted yellow fever. Mattie finds Eliza passing out bread and visiting the sick. This is a scalpel and this is significant because Eliza was about to bleed the children but Mattie stopped her knowing it would only make them weaker. This is significant because apple pie is the food Eliza and Mattie sell after the fever. This shows the setting of the story which is the town of Philadelphia. Joseph's children
Joseph, Eliza's brother Mother Smith, housekeeper and babysitter
Lucille and Mattie Cook This is a scene, from Mattie's point of view, showing frost on the plants and grass
of her garden, showing that she survived the fever, her greatest sccomplisment. This scene shows Mattie at the Ogilvie's tea party with Colette and Pernilla Ogilvie
This is the scene where Mattie discovers Nell all alone. These are different types of
silverware. These are significant
because these are what people
use to eat Eliza's cooking at the
coffeehouse and at her home. These items are significant because Eliza visites the sick and she must have cleaned after them and nursed them.
family and friends The End
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