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Iroquois Confederacy

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sasha chervinskis

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Iroquois Confederacy

Iroquois Confederacy
Let's Wrap It Up!
Bury the Hatchet
Who are the Iroquois?
The Iroquois are a League or
of tribes. They are an important part of our government history. About 900 years ago they lived in the Northeastern part of the United States. This part of the United States is now New York and Canada. They originally composed of 5 tribes. A sixth tribe joined later.
Do you remember the 6 names of each tribe?
The Iroquois Nations

Let's Watch a short clip to refresh our memory.
What does that mean?
It is said that a Great Peacemaker united the five nations. He used arrows to demonstrate unity. He said, "A single arrow is easily broken, but 5 arrows cannot be broken." The five nations gathered and created an
. Then they celebrated the new union. They uprooted a pine tree and threw in their weapons and then replanted the tree and named it the Tree of Peace .
The Law of Peace
What is the Law of Peace? What did it mean to the Iroquois?
The Great Law of Peace
symbolizes the unity of the original five tribes. The Iroquois established 4 great laws.

Speech without interruption:
each leader was given time to state their opinion without being interrupted.
Leaders had to obey the laws and listen to the people. If they didn't they could be removed from their position.
Smaller groups would get together in the 5 nations first and make decisions before bringing it to the grand council.
All 5 nations would work together for the common good.
The white line is what keeps them connected as one Nation.
The Pine Tree represents Peace
Other Laws they established...
When decisions were made or laws were passed, all council members must agree on the issue; this is called a

Each tribe had to elect chiefs ( Do you know who elected the chiefs?)
Think, Turn, Talk
How does this idea of governing compare to Hammurabi's way of ruling?
The Great Seals
The Law of Peace is one of the earliest examples of democratic government structures. Benjamin Franklin was deeply inspired by the way the Iroquois governed their people. He used many of the same symbols, for example, they adopted the bundle of arrows to indicate the newly formed unified government. The eagle was also an adopted symbol.
Do you know what the symbols on the Seal of Peace Represent?

What contributions did the Iroquois make towards our Constitution? Think about how they were governed.
What do the Code of Law, Law of Peace and the Constitution have in common?
How are they did different?

Let's Play a Game!
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