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Something Wicked

Something Wicked by: Alan Gratz

Megan Griffin

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Something Wicked

Chapters 1-3 Mac goes bungee jumping to
impress Beth Madame Hacket reads MAc, Beth,
Banks, and HOratios fortunes. They Went to the highland games in mt. Birnam, Tennessee. Mona meets Mal. The readers meet the McRae and MaCkenzie families who own the mountain. the Hell's pipers aka. "the bullies'
are introduced into the story. cHapters 4-6 HOratio sees the pixie and
becomes interested. IRN-BRU General Sternwood talks to Horatio about watching his neice Megan. border collies. Horatio finds Megan snooping
around Mac's RV. Mal and Duncan talk about a mysterious "proposal". Horatio finds Duncan dead in the Mackenzie tent with the name Malcolm written in blood. Mr. Weigel stays with the body while Horatio gets help. Chapters 7-9 Mac lights the torch to begin the HIghland Games. The police took everyones sgian dubh. Mona, Horatio's sister, takes the crime scene pictures. Mal recieves a text message from Mona asking him to meet in the parking lot, but Mona's phone is missing. Horatio finds a bloody shirt like the one Mal was wearing in the fire. At a meeting of all the leaders in the games is held and it is decided that the games have to go on. Horatio stays in the Hillbilly Haven Hotel at the bottom of the mountain. Chapters 10-12 THe Highland Games are very empty because alot of the people went home Horatio and the Hells Pipers leader get into an arguement and the Hells Pipers are banned from the vendor area Find out that Megan and Beth hate eachother Mona's phone is found in Mal's things with the text message in the outbox Horatio tries to figure out where there is cell service on the mountain. Chapter 13 Horatio finds Megan in the Mackenzie RV snooping around They find plans to change the mountain into a tourist attraction Beth walks in and finds them, so Horatio kisses Megan to give an excuse Something Wicked
By: Alan Gratz
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