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Multicultural Education

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L Rubalcava

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Multicultural Education

Defining Multicultural Education
Multicultural Education:
A Definition
Multicultural education is:
Antiracist education
Basic education
Important for all students
Education for social justice
A process
Critical Pedagogy

Multicultural Education is Anti Racist Education
Being mindful of how some students are favored over others due to institutions
Schools must not be afraid to talk to their students about the negative aspects of history
Students must be presented with alternative historical heroes
Discussions on racism and discrimination must be promoted by teachers, however uncomfortable it might be
Multicultural Education is Basic Education
Multicultural education cannot be seen as additional curriculum and disregarded for the "basics", rather it must be included as "basic".
"Multicultural literacy is just as indispensable for living in today's world as reading, writing, arithmetic, and computer literacy." (Nieto & Bode, 2011)
Multicultural Education is Important for all Students
Multicultural education is not solely for students of color or disadvantaged students, it is essential for all student types.
All students receive an incomplete education.
Working class, LGBTQ, women, are under represented
White students "legitimize their cultural blindness" by not learning about other cultures.
When multicultural education is not inclusive, students develop both inferiority and superiority complexes.
Multicultural Education is Pervasive
"Multicultural education permeates everything." (Neito & Bode, 2011)
Activity: White Anti-Racist Biography
TeachingTolerance.org features an activity which teaches young white students about racism and bigotry. The activity outlines the experiences of several racist times in American History, including the Civil Rights movement, and Japanese internment camps.
Multicultural Education is Basic (Cont. )
Monocultural education is detrimental for students because it only teaches the perspective of the dominant group.
European values and achievements are stressed, with lack of emphasis on other cultures
Context of learning also must be equal for all students in order to attain basic education
Multicultural Education is Education for Social Justice
"Multicultural education invites students and teachers to put their learning into action for social justice." (Nieto & Bode) 2011
Educators must instill a sense of justice and empower students to take action within their communities.
Ideals of democracy, more importantly, practical participation in democracy must be taught in schools
Multicultural Education is a Critical Pedagogy
The graphs below show that there is a substantial change happening in the United States regarding demographics and student faces in the United States. In order for teachers to be able to cope with the variety of students that they will be faced with educating, schools must adopt multicultural processes. The old education system is no longer valid and will continue to become increasingly outdated.
A multicultural school or education would look vastly different from the schools today because they would promote all cultures.
Multicultural education cannot be simplified into a class, lesson or bulletin board.
Multicultural Education is Pervasive (Cont.)
List of multicultural aspects of education:
Different Books
Media aids
Dissolving of tracking
Desegregation of schools
Instructional strategies
All students would benefit from instruction
Complete overhaul of curriculum to include all positions on history
"Dangerous topics" discussed freely in classroom
Teachers, students, and families would work together
Policies would be set and influenced by community
Curriculum designed to reflect cultural values
Lunchroom would offer different types of meals
Native languages would be spoken freely
Instruction in native languages.
Diverse teaching and school staff
"Multicultural or anti-racist education is fundamentally a perspective. It's a point of view that cuts across all subject areas, and addresses the histories and experiences of people who have been left out ofthe curriculum" (Lee, 1998).
"If you don't take multicultural or anti-racist education seriously, you are actually promoting a monoculural or racist education.
There is no neutral ground on this issue."
(Lee, 1998) 
"We signal students from they step into school, whether they belong, or whether we see them as trespassers. Everything in school--from the posters on the wall, to the music played at assemblies, to the books in the library,--embraces students or pushes them away." (Christensen, 2008)
Mulicultural Education is a Process
"Multicultural education, is, above all, a process." (Nieto & Bode 2011)
The search for a perfect model for multicultural education will never be achieved, because multicultural education is constantly changing.
Changing the basis of education is harder and takes a substantial amount of time.
It is much easier to simply "blanket" a school's multicultural needs with a racial awareness assembly or tribute to Black History Month.
Multicultural education processes are difficult to implement because they change the structure of schools and are uncomfortable.
Teaching for Social Justice: Laurence Tan
Laurence Tan has created a tangible program for social justice called "The Youth Watts collection", in which he utilizes previous students to set a positive example for students. Tran structures his classroom as a family, and makes social justice a main priority.
"Students are empowered both individually and collectively to become active learners."
Paulo Freire
"Domesticating education vs. Transferring knowledge.
Teaching students learning techniques in order to question the status quo, and collectively take action
Every action (regardless of the size or apparent lack of meaning) projects a political meaning to students
By teaching students a learning method that allows questioning and promotes critical literacy, students can find debunk false ideals
"Being receptive to student need and allowing space for students to think about and express what they want to learn critical to educatin as a liberating experience, as a component of social justice." (Sokolower, 2003)
Schools that change communities documentary
"Schools that change communities" is a documentary which follows five schools that develop and hands on curriculum with their communities. Students are shown participating in education and learning outside the classroom, which spans into all aspects of their life. In order for schools to become more pervasive, they must adopt models such as those shown in the documentary rather than having school and home life be completely separate.
Talk from Sir Ken Robbinson
Nieto and Bode give many excellent examples in the textbook about current ways teachers have been implementing critical pedagogy. The video below is an animated Ted Talk from Sir Ken Robbinson, in which he challenges the way in which students are taught in our current education system. Although to some this approach does not seem to represent a critical pedagogy, it does because it empowers students to think and be taught differently.
The spoken word piece below from school teacher Bonafide Rojas demonstrates that education and the teaching must be relevant to students.
The link below is a resource for teachers as a way to restructure their curriculum and lesson plans in a way that is important for all children.
Multiculturalism in Mathematics
This experiment directly relates to education being basic due to the fact that it relates with mathematics. The educators in the research wanted to debunk the myth to students that mathematics is tough and unrelated to their lives. The teachers also implimented cultural understanding through the teaching of other cultures, and how it related to mathematics. Sports such as basketball and superstars like Michael Jordan were used to relate to the children.

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Sokolower, J. (2003) “We Need to Know This!”. In A. Wayne (Ed.), Rethinking Multicultural Education (1st ed.). Rethinking Schools:
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