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Warm Up

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 26 February 2018

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Transcript of Warm Up

Warm Up
Give the comparative and superlative of disappointing and pricey.
Let's start with the vocab test.
Now, let's talk about using few and little with nouns.
If the noun can be seen with your eyes and literally counted, use few. If you can put a number in front of the noun, use few, fewer, or fewest
If you can't put a number in front of it, use little, less, or least
Little sleep
Less hope
Least aggravation.
If you can see it, it's concrete; if you can't its abstract. Abstract nous tend to be thoughts and emotions...things you can't see.
Few birds
Fewer pairs of shoes
Fewest pens. (You might say fewest number of pens.)
Fewer tough times.
You try! Tell me if it's concrete or abstract and if you would use few or little.
water bottles
Flash drive

Complete exercises 1 and 2 on pgs 24- 25.
Now, let's talk about tone and style of "The Noble Experiment"
ch 1-12 vocab test on 3/21, 10-12 review unit due 3/12
ALL Noble Experiment work-including the essay-due Wednesday
comparative and superlative ws due Wednesday

Concrete: books, smiles, feet, people, tears, thoughts
Abstract: power, gossip, relief, rage, love
Now, let's write.
Ask yourself: Can I count it?
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