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Pass A Smile- Who we are

Background picture from: keongjianyeoh.blogspot.com

Pass A Smile

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Pass A Smile- Who we are

Pass a smile is an organization with a life-long mission to create smiles throughout the world for those who need a smile, and even to those who don't need one. We do our job by passing cards with heart warming messages, or simply just meaningful quotes. We feel like everyone should be able to smile because everyone deserves to be happy. (:
Whats in store for Pass a Smile?

-Next year, we plan on making Pass A Smile clubs! Which means more help, more people and of course more smiles. =D
-Getting more publicity.

We'd like to shout out to some people who helped us. Thank you to Mr. Banica, Mr. Spence, Grace Chou, Joey Vong, Jessica Gu, Angela Huang, Mary Chen and Francoise Kwong.
We've all had those really bad days. Sometimes all we really need is just a little help to make life better. But, it not as simple as it seems. Some people get lucky and their dark days turn light, while the rest, aren't really that lucky. That's where we come in! PASS A SMILE. We will allow everyone, and I mean EVERYONE to have a better day. (:
How can you help?
A little goes a long way, so really all you have to do is make cards, pass them on and spread the word. The cards MUST say something nice. Everyone deserves to smile. It doesn't take long, it takes about 2-5 mins just to make a heart-warming card. So, please take some time from your day and create a card, then pass it on. It's simple. You'll be helping us make difference.



Also for more information,
visit our website at:
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