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No description

Brynn Bergum

on 8 January 2016

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Transcript of project

#55 By: Brynn Bergum
Survivel math
Hello there's a game that many of you have heard of called minecraft and in this game that glues gamers to there screen in mine shafts and caves for mining.Dimonds this valuable stone in game and real life in the game dimonds can be made into many thing swords, axes , hoe but who going to use a dimond hoe really? Armor can also be made i wonder how much will it cost to buy a set and will it protect me from a creeper or a sword or a attack?
first we need to find the scale of the world that were in one block is one meter tall and every face is 16 pixels by 16 pixels so that means .0625m3 but seances minecraft is a 3D game we need to know the volume of each cubic pixel and every cubic pixel is .000244m3 this is need later so keep it in mind.i was calculating as much as i could to find it out for the armor the helmet is 172xv in the chest plate is 186xv in both shoulder pads theirs 116xv in the leggings and boots there's 144xv and all together there's about ~ 618xv all together times .000244m3 equals .15m3 cubic meters but stone are metered by how heavy they are there about 3150 kg/m3 or 562.5 kg of gemstone or 1160 pounds but that one heck of a engagement ring so it has to be smaller in like carats 5000CD= 1 kg so our armor is 2,632,500 CD but the largest high quotient diamond was the cullinan diamond which was 3,100CD
The world
but back to the question how much is it worth well to find out we need the three C's and if any jeweler tells you it's not always the size the three C's are Carat, Cut, Clarity and Color we all ready covered carat so lets do the cut but the cut is very simple so lets get to clarity there a scale from flawless to included means that there's imperfections all thru out the diamond that can be seen with te naked eye like it being cloudy and the clarity is pretty bad seen that you can't see thru the aromr it at all so let's give it the grade I3 on the scale so it a diamond with a Atypical cut and it's cloudy is worth $1,615/CD per carat or for this armor is$4,251,487,500 and we haven't got to color look at the diamonds there not clear there tinted blue this comes from a small thing of boron and a large amount of hydrogen this will make the diamond more rare and much much more money this make it not 1,615$ per carat but now 33,500$ per CD this means the final cost is 88,188,750,000.98
will this protect you?
The 4 c's
Now do you think you can handle so creeper blows think again Steve. Because THIS IS A CRUDY SET OF AROMOR .Dimoinds may be the hardest mineral natural on earth but hardest and toughness are two different things diamond is a type of crystal and so are other gemstones and there structure may make them beautiful but it make them have a lot of cleavage for a airplanes worth in fact diamonds have a diamond shape form which gives them a lot of cleavage plane with is were the diamond can be point were the diamond can be spit in half seance the minecraft diamond armor is blocky this give a lot of cleavage points at a 90 degree angle so one struck the side or top will ruin are million dollar suit so it kind of sucks it's heavy and it kind of weak but you will look fabules.
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