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What is finance?

No description

Anshuman Gogoi

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of What is finance?

What is Finance?
French word
English Community
To mean “the management of money.”
In general sense
An Analogy
A logical argument that shows how two objects are similar
demonstrates how two things are alike by pointing out shared characteristics
"Finance is the management of money and other valuables, which can be easily converted into cash."
Life Blood
Various departments
Similar to blood, finance provides sustenance to the major organs of a business.
Finance plays
a pivotal role
in business
Corporate Finance
- deals with financial decisions which an organization makes
- whether it's investments, analysis of credit, selling of assets or products or acquiring assets.
- Maximizing corporate value and at the same time managing risks associated with investing
- It also studies the short-term and long-term implications of a decision
- looks into matters related with dividends to shareholders' debt or equity
Finance is the lifeline of a business which is required for its well-being.
It acts as a lubricant helping to keep the business running
Whether you have a
Small Business
A large business
A Medium Business
You will always need
Right from
Promoting a product
Research and Development
Employing people and encouraging them to work for the development of your product
And creating a brand name
In addition to that, a current business may need finance for
making changes to its products
Manab Mili 151,
Samiran Borah 152, Saurav Pran Borah 153, Anupam Arandhara 154, Akashkumar Thakur 155, Anshuman Gogoi 156, Debasish Sharmah 157, Dharmendra Singh 158, Dibakar Rajkhowa 159, Dibyojyoti Saikia 160, Dipjyoti Phukon 161, Madhurjya Sharmah 163, Manash Borsaikia 164, Naba Jyoti Borah 165,
Financial planning

To manage income more efficiently through cash and need analysis and income expenditure budgeting
To build a long term capital-base and shape your financial future
Prepare and create financial accounts
Achieving Financial Goals
Business Plan
Business Location
Business Idea
Determine the Legal Structure of the Business
Register a Business Name
Startup Capital
Self Financed
Friends and family and/or Private Investors
Angel Investors
Miscelleneuos Sources
Obtaining Business Licenses and Permits
Run the daily operations
Infrastructure cost
(Loans, Grants)
Operating Costs
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