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what is socionics? a comparatively new psyhological theory

Irina Mikheeva

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Socionics

What is socionics?

socio- and bionics (biology- based modeling)

a discipline studying social modeling
based on C.G.Jung's psychological types.

this theory was born in 1970 Personality type (called sociotype) is not transient- it changes neither in a day nor in a year relationship between sociotypes 1. extravert/introvert
2. sensory/intuitive
3. logician(intellectual)/ethic(sensible)
4. determined/perceptive Socionics A comparatively new psychological theory! student: Irina Mikheeva, 1st year
teacher: Basova S.V. Sociotype I used the material from:
http://www.typelab.ru/ Thank your for the attention! If you want to know what type you belong to and what possibilities are concealed in your relations with the people around you- you can do some tests in the Internet, but the result ca not be exact and right, so it is better to go to the special institute of socionics appeal to experts.
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