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My Tornado Prezi

No description

Tara Henderson

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of My Tornado Prezi

Other Facts
Other Facts
Other info
When warm air and cold dry air meet and air masses meet.
Tornadoes are also produced by a "Supercell" which is an area with rotation within the storm.
A Tornado can backtrack if it is hit by winds from the eye of the Thunderstorm.
They go 40-318 mph (Miles per hour).
Hail is involved with this weather.
Where is it located?
Effects lots of things
This is about
This is how they form.
(AKA Tornado Ally)
Central Plains
Most Common
Central part of United States
India, Australia.
It injures/kills a lot of people
Tornadoes are very dangerous and can damage people/objects.
This is a video of a tornado.
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