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Let the Garden Route Adventure Begin!

Prezi 2

M Reyskens

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Let the Garden Route Adventure Begin!

Welcome Arrangements for day of departure: What to bring: Food: Adventure stuff: Money matters -Marina has already paid the deposit,
so each person should please pay: To confirm: -we should aim to leave quite early,

so we can make the most of days in Garden Route
-proposal: meet at Bernard's house?
-distance from CT-Sedgefield = around 450km
-we'll stop for breakfast along the way The Awesome Garden -padkos, beach towels, swim stuff,
hiking stuff, board games, camera,


-money for personal expenses/adventure
stuff -we can buy all the food in Sedgefield & split the costs later -remember to take a look at some
ideas for things to do: Prezi 2: -staying at Lake Pleasant
-Thurs, 21-Sun 24 March
-we're going with Bernard's VW Polo

-petrol will be split between us That's all folks! Over und out. Adventure -us 4 awesome people [vroom vroom] [roughly R500 - could be more/less] [Thurs 21 Mar] [around 05:00?] [Wimpy, anyone?] =R525 total = R262.50 to Marina for the deposit
= R262.50 to Lake Pleasant on arrival [bedding is provided] [to give to Bernard for our awesome roadtrip playlist!] -menu suggestion: -breakfasts:
eggs, bacon, toast, etc., coffee/tea or cereal
buns with ham, cheese, tomato, lettuce or sandwiches to take with
braai for 2 nights, 1 night cooked dish -maybe each person should buy lunch for his/herself, depending on where we are/what we're doing for the day - untouchedadventures.com
- eden.co.za
- gardenroute-direct.com/activities.html
- lonelyplanet.com/south-africa/the-garden-route/things-to-do
- stormsriver.com
- mild2wildadventures.com
- tsitsikammaadventure.co.za

Onwards -
to the Garden Route!
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