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El Salvador

"My Country" project presentation

Emerita Alvarado

on 29 March 2010

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Transcript of El Salvador

El Salvador By : Emerita Alvarado Focus Questions
In what years did the stablishment of the coffee republic in El Salvador take place? How was it commonly described as? Whose mission did the priorities of coffee industry shift during this period? What was created in El Salvador in 1912? How did the duties of the National Guard differ from those of the National Police? Who were two of the most powerful clans among the ranks of the Salvadoran oligarchy? Information coffee would become the last of the great monoculture export commodities/supplies in El Salvador.
The period of the stablishment of the coffee republic in El
Salvador took place roughly from 1871 to 1927 and despite the continued participation of conservatives, it was commonly known
as the Era of Liberal State in El Salvador.
Between 1880 and 1914, the value of coffee exporst rose.
Coffee industry was not taxed by government, it did, however, help
to raise the nation's revenue through import duties on goods imported
with foreign currencies that coffee sales earned.
The priorities of coffee industry shifted the mission of the armed forces. The function of the armed forces was to provide external defense of the national territory. Instead, the armed forces had to maintain internal order.
In 1912, the National Guard was created with the purpose to maintain control, order in coffee fincas (plantations)
The National Guard's function differed from that of the National Police in that the National Guard was especifically responsible for the security on the coffee plantations.
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