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The French Revolution

No description

Zara Zulfikar

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of The French Revolution

The French Revolution
Zara Zulfikar
During the 18th century, the french nobles started living lives of idleness and luxury and didn't pay any taxes. So the French Revolted. This was a series of events that occurred at that time. These events are written in history since the changed the ruling system of France and marked the decline of many powerful churches. These events also effected t French and modern history.
What was the French Revolution?
The French revolted because the country was going hrough a huge crises. They didn't have any money, people were starving. So Louis XCI decided to do something since the situation was unbearable. They called parliament to talk over it. During this time many rumours were spread but in the end there was a change that came upon the country,
Why did the French Revolt?
The Napoleon was a young army officer who had taken part in the French Revolution. the Drectory had fallen in his hands and they hoped that he would maintain law and order but instead he abolishes the Directory and became First Consul. Then he became emperor and France got under the rule of an emperor once again.
What was Napolean's input in the French Revolution?
After this Revolution, the french monarchy and noblity swept away. It changed the political, economucal and social sructure of France forwever. it stopped the unfair treatment.
What was the outcome of this Revolution?
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