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Body Language

No description

Kyryll Derzhkovskyy

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Body Language

Body Language
“The total impact of a message is about 7% verbal (words only) and 38% vocal (including tone of voice, inflection and other sounds) and55%non-verbal”
Albert Mehrabian
(pioneer of Body Language research in the 1950s)
1. What is the body language?
2. A useful tool!
3. Don't make mistakes!
The body langage is a tool of communication
84% positive rating when the speaker uses open palms (palms up)

52% positive rating when the speaker uses palms down body language

28% positive rating when the speaker uses pointing gestures
Complex unconscious mechanism
Tone of your voice
Speed of your speech
Gaze (regard) direction
Position of your body hands, of your legs gestual
Speed of your moves posture
Use of space
You don't get a second chance to make a first impression.
The body language has a direct impact on how others
perceive you.
Who you are defines your body language and your body language defines who you are for the others.
Successful people tend to have the good ideas AND the good way to say it,
if you only have the message and not the delivery which goes with it you will be less successful. 
People tend to vote for the person who
would fit the best the job
Confirmed by
”The Definitive Book of Body Language”
with an analysis of John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon in television debate that took part in 1960.
Can we control our BL?
Every human has a
"built in"
which ables him to
unconsciously the body language of other people.

When you are
of your Body Language you are able to
change it
and control it.

Do it in a specific situation is possible but require some
It is really complicate to control his own body language
all the time.
Truth or happiness, never both.
Universal facial expressions
Body language analysis
700,000 different movements
Sufficient samples/Evidence
Body language is relative to age and gender
Boredom, Nervousness and Insecurity signals
Body language signs translation
No single body language sign is a reliable indicator


Legs and feet


30-40 meters away
Men and Women
1.Weak handshake
Make sure your handshake is firm
Use them to gesture
2.Invading personal space
Be respectful
3.Crossing your arms
Looks aggressive and comfortable
4.Playing with your hair
You don’t want to distract the hiring manager
5.Bad posture
Adopt a posture that shows interest
6.Lack of eye contact
It’s okay for the candidate to look away
7.Not looking interested
Be aware of your facial expressions
8.Not smiling
Nervous or unfriendly
Distraction and a sign of anxiety.
10.Hiding your hands
Thomas Monnet

Kyryll Derzhkovskyy

Felipe Marques de Vasconcellos
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