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Employee Engagement

Fiona Yap

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of MNO1001X

Engagement Tiak Leng. Cheryl. Fiona. Jasmine. Victoria. Eugene. “Employee Engagement refers to the emotional commitment an employee has for the company and its goals.” - Forbes Business Magazine, 2010 What is Employee Engagement? Trends Multinational retailer
Founded 1962
Biggest private employer
2 million staff
Awards received 70% Turnover
Rate Walmart Structure 3 product divisional structures
specific division goals
more focus
effective performance Walmart Culture Good customer service Respecting Individuals Striving for excellence Job Perks Job Application
Motivations Empowerment of Associates
Large No. of Entry Level Jobs Gender Race Problem One:
Discrimination Wage differences (women < men by $1.16 per hour)
Limiting women's opportunities
Unequal training opportunities
Sexual Harrasment African-Americans & Latinos
About 40% could not get to work full-time
Usage of demeaning words
Denying Job Opportunities Challenge Two:
Anti-Union Policies "A Trade Union is an organization whose membership consists of workers and union leaders, united to protect and promote their common interests" - Business Dictionary Walmart's Mindset Managers as the key player to reinforce mindset
“Anti-union” memos
Indoctrination campaigns
Anti-union rapid response team Critical Evaluation Challenge Two Challenge One Modes of Communication
Communication Barriers Critical Evaluation Walmart's double standards at home (U.S.) and abroad
Potential Communication Barrier
Stifled EE My Sustainability Plan (MSP) Critical Evaluation 1) Shown good corporate social responsibility
2) Associates have a sense of purpose Solution One Solution Two Recommended
Solutions Group decision making
Delphi technique with a balanced ratio

Vote for criteria for promotions
Participate in major decisions made by Walmart Increase transparency of policies

Current situation : High secrecy level

1. Delphi technique embrace participatory culture
2. Reporting their employee policies to independent firm review- reduce bias and any cover-ups Conclusion MSP is Walmart's first step to improve EE Group Decision Making + Increased Policy Transparency Conducive working environment Engaged associates will work FOR the company Campaigns Wake up Walmart
Walmart watch Sustainability in 3 dimensions: Economic
Environmental Goals: 1. Be supplied 100% by renewable energy
2. Create zero waste
3. Sell products that sustain people and the environment Working families in Walmart
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